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OFFICIAL ANSWERS: Threatened homelands and Unnecessary combat

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Rule Question:
If I am in control(have units/fort in the hexes) of an opponents home realm (all 3 hexes) with dragon runes in all of them and the fall season card "Threatened Home Realms" comes up, can he(my opponent) move the dragon runes away?


If I only have control of one enemy homeland hex, and it has a rune, can he move it with this event? or does he have to move one from a homeland hex HE controls

1) Threatened Homerealms requires the player to choose any 2 rune tokens in his home realm. He MAY choose areas that he does not control, and move them.


Soooo.... your starting homeland is always your homeland, even if you dont control it, and someone elses' starting homeland is NOT your homeland, even if you control it.



Finally, I dont know if you have officially answer this, but if I attack a hex with an enemy stronghold, or an empty enemy homeland hex, do I still draw fate cards as if there was a battle, in hopes of reanimating units with necromancers or gaining tactics cards with knights.

2) Yes, you still draw cards for the battle. Many times this may not matter, and some player may wish to skip this. However, if you have necromancers or knights, you may wish to draw anyways.


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I asked #2 several weeks ago.  It's actually been in my rulings document since the 17th :)  But maybe you asked before then and it took him awhile to get to it.


#1 is as expected, but now I can add it to the document.

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