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Mission Success/Failure Probability

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Hello everyone

Have you ever wondered how likely you are to succeed at/prevent a Mission when the Opponent has already 1 relevant Icon in the System and is able to send a Character with 2 Icons and 1 Minor icon? You probably have and probably you guessed a little and came to a conclusion that it's "likely" or "nor very likely".


But did you ever wanted to know EXACTLY how likely? Well now you can!


Since I don't want to give people access to fiddle around with the sheet, in order to use it you have to create your own local copy (File - Make copy)


How to use it?


1. Click on the Overview sheet

2. Set desired number of Skill Icons and Minor skill icons for Attacker (the player who played the Mission) and Defender (the player who opposes the Mission)

3. Read the result for normal Mission or the +2 result (Mission with guaranteed 2 successes for the Attacker)


Disclaimer: I am not 100% sure in my math (only 99%), so If you find any mistakes in my Math, please point them out!

Ring effects like R2D2 and Yoda are not included in the calculation, since they would make it even more complicated than it already is (maybe in the future, but not very likely).


The design of the Overview sheet is to  accommodate use on a Mobile device (maybe not 100% user friendly, but I can use it with relative ease on my device)



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