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A Wing Harpoon Idea

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I was thinking about 

Green Squadron

Test Pilot



Harpoon Missiles

Guidance Chips or Auto Thrusters depending on available pointds

I was thinking of running 2 with FCS Corran Horn.

I've run a similar build with prockets, no deadeye obviously, which is fun and can erase ships from the board.


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your putting too many points into a single hit. Proton Rockets still are the best A-Wing missile in the game hands down. They only require a focus to fire, making them more action efficient on an A-wing. They are also more efficient points wise as you don't need to take dead eye, allowing you to take something like crackshot instead, or juke if you got the points. 

There are 3 A-Wing squads I really enjoy, and I've had a ton of reps with all of them.

4x GSP/title/proton rocket/snap shot/crackshot

5x GSP/title/refit/snapshot/crackshot

2x GSP/title/juke/refit // 1x Jess pava/hero droid/swarm leader // Jan Ors/dorsal turret/nein numb

I'm not sure we will get anything better out of A-Wings until the RZ2 is finally released. 

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