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Star Wars fan theory or Where I would take Ep. 9 (TLJ Spoilers)

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So I have come up with a unifying fan theory to make Episode VIII “work” in Star Wars lore, at least the part with Luke, Kylo (Ben) and Rey. The space combat is beyond repair.

Rey has to be Luke’s daughter. (I never wanted this to be the case, but it makes the most sense.) It is the missing puzzle piece of Episode 8.


Both Ben and a young Rey are attending the Jedi temple. Ben starts slipping and teaming up with the Knights of Ren. As a test, the Knights of Ren have Ben help destroy the Jedi temple. The temple is destroyed (this was shown out of order), Ben can’t kill young Rey and decides to secretly save her. Luke thinks Rey is dead, tracks Ben down ignites the saber and the rest is history.


This gives all the characters great motivation for their actions in Episode VII & VIII.

Why Kylo has to kill Han, because he could not Rey. Why he hates Luke so much (thinking he did the “right” thing only to have Luke try to kill him.)

Why Luke cut himself off. Saving your father is one thing, losing a child is totally different.

Why Luke throws the Saber and not want to teach Rey. He is trying to explain to her life can go on without the force.


I actually like the Luke-Kylo-Rey part of the story in Episode VIII, it is the defanging and incompetence of the First Order and the awful space combat that drives me nuts about VIII.

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Well it is now up to JJ to see where he wants to shove the story.

People are upset that Ryan did not contribute to all these questions that JJ had set up in episode 7, but the hard truth is that JJ just set up these mysteries with no real answer and he was hoping to come up with that later. Well when you don't have answers to questions you made then there is no right to argue when they are answered by someone else. But basically I don't like any movie JJ directed. Didn't like TFA and didn't like the lens flare Trek movies. To me he is Jar Jar Abrahms. 

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On ‎1‎/‎14‎/‎2018 at 10:54 PM, Jadotch said:

Why Kylo has to kill Han, because he could not Rey.

I'm not sure I understand this reasoning, and I'm not sure we really need more reason for this.  I felt the movies did a pretty good job of explaining Kylo's killing of Han; not because he hated Han, but because he loved him.  Not only would killing Han help cut ties to his past life, but any remaining bit of Light in Kylo would (ideally) be driven to anger and despair and be turned to the Dark Side.

Incidentally, both Luke and Kylo talk about severing the past, and both are operating under some extreme guilt.  I think both are right to look to the future and not cling to the past, but both are wrong in wanting to abandon the past completely.  I, for one, am very interested to see where Kylo's story goes from here.

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17 hours ago, Hawkstrike said:

I predict the opening crawl begins with "LUKE SKYWALKER IS DEAD" ...

More like "LUKE SKYWALKER, HAN SOLO, and LEIA ORGANA ARE DEAD, A NEW GENERATION STEPS UP TO TAKE THEIR PLACE..." Now, forget your old heroes and go buy the new one's toys, now! I really feel this new trilogy so far has been so very much mishandled, I wish they had just taken out an extra year or so to plan out where they wanted it to go and to give the original characters better send offs then you know killing them off, most of the time in an unsatisfying way, not to mention basically wiping away their happy endings and development. But I would have also loved it if they had you know not reset this to the OT with a small band of rebels versus a large empire, would have been interesting if they had the FO getting bigger over the films with the Resistance, or a better named Spec Ops group, going around and trying to prevent them from taking over.

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