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I’m having a bit of an argument about a card and would like some input from a third party. My wife plays the Grayjoy deck. She was using the Drowned men card.  When a card was played that made the text box blank on that card she says well it still gets the str bonus from the other drowned men card she had out.  I was confused and looked at the card and since it says Drowned Men gets +1 str for each warship I started to say well if that’s true wouldn’t having two drowned men cards give you essentially 2 str for each warship. She says no it doesn’t work that way.   When I looked at the card closely and read the text. I now believe that the cards Str bonus  only effects itself and not the other drowned men card.  


Hopefully someone one can help me clarify this issue 


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You might want to try the 2nd edition forum instead. Additionally visit cardgamedb.com or thronesdb.com for more rules info (and deckbuilders).  There's a facebook group, too.  FFG doesn't get a lot of Thrones traffic.

I'm assuming the card played to blank the text was Nightmares or Fortified Position. (Milk of the Poppy is illegal cuz Drowned Men have NO ATTACHMENTS)

The copy of Drowned Men that had its text blanked has its text blank except for traits. It doesn't get a bonus from warships because it's text is blank except for traits.   It doesn't get a bonus for having another copy of Drowned Men in play because the ability refers to the card it's actually on. It's self referential meaning it only applies the bonus to itself(when available) . It's in the rules reference. I think there's more explanation in the FAQ. 

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