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deciding between two lists

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ok list experts. in your expert opinion, which of these two lists would you take to a tournament?

List one:

100 Points

Nu squadron Pilot

Harpoon Missiles and Long Range Scanners

Nu Squadron Pilot

Advanced Homing Missiles and long range scanners


Adaptability, Fire Control System, Advanced Optics, Special Ops Training, Lightweight Frame


List two:

100 Points


Expertise, Fire Control System, Advanced Optics, special ops training, Lightweight Frame

Col. Vessery

Adaptability, Tractor Beam, Tie/D, Twin ion Engine MK II

Nu Squadron pilot

harpoon missiles, OS-1 arsenal Loadout, Long Range Scanners.




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2 hours ago, John Rainbow said:

I'm not sure of the value of tractor beam on Vessery here - will it really help enough with his second shot and the Nu? 

well, the repositioning of an opponent can help depending on PS level of course. and yeah Vessery's follow up shot benefits along with the Nu's shot. Will it help enough? guess it's all dependent on the matchups. it's part of the reason I went with adaptability, to give him a little bump on PS. The other option would be to adapt Quickdraw down and give Vessery VI to make them both 8's but not sure I want to remove expertise to do that. it's super great to hit with Quickdrawn and save that focus for defense. Let's him live a lot longer and gives you a bit more flexibility as to when you want to spend it or let his ability trigger.

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