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After playing a bunch of times me and some others were a little confused about certain things.

Does the +4 during combat from a Tommy Gun stack with the +1 str from a bodyguard?

Does the Sledgehammer only give a total of +2 for combat or is it +3?

Does the Scales of Thoth stack with any item/ally giving +stats as well?

Am I allowed to use both the Sword of Y'ha-Talla and a Gatling Gun at the same time for a total of +2 will and +5 strength during combat encounters?

If I have multiple items that say "You may reroll 1 dice when resolving a x test", does that allow me to reroll several dice or just one?

If there are 3 monsters on my space and I fail the combat test when facing the first monster, do I still have to face the other 2?

In the case of a blessed Skids with a double barreled shotgun and a gatling gun, you would roll a base of 9 dice, am I allowed to reroll the rerolls as long as they're either a double or 1's? Because that would mean at most 2 failures and every other dice have to be a success, right?


Also as a side note, I played quite a lot of games on tabletop simulator and I noticed that pretty much every player who's played the game before (including myself) added bonuses to combat/skill checks incorrectly, making it way too easy. I wish the wording on the cards were more clear on this.

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  • No, you can only use a sing source of + per test.
  • The sledgehammer gives +2 Strength during  combat encounters.  Or +1 during a non combat Strength test.
  • No, you can only use a sing source of + per test.
  • You can only use a single source of + per test. But Will and Strengthare separate tests. So yes +2 Will from the sword and +5 Strength from the gun. You can also use their other abilities.
  • You can use the reroll ability separately from each card.
  • yes
  • Yes correct
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Short answers:

1. No. Only the single highest bonus is added to the dice pool, in this case +4 str. from Tommy Gun

2. Sledgehammer either gives you +2 to combat encounters or +1 str. to some other str. test that isn't a combat encounter

3. Scales Of Thoth doesn't stack with other bonuses. Only the single highest bonus is added to the dice pool. For example you may use either Scales Of Thoth or .38 Revolver to give you +2 str. in combat encounters

4. Yes. You use the single highest bonus that applies. In this case +2 Will from the sword and +5 str. from Gatling Gun. It doesn't matter if the bonuses come from different cards

5. You may reroll any number of dice as long as you have the means to do so. For example when acquiring assets you may use the Personal Assistant to reroll 1 die and after that you may use the Lucky Rabbits Foot to reroll 1 die. Note that they can only be used only once during a test. (In fact, Lucky Rabbits Foot can be used only once per TURN)

6. Yes. At the start of investigators encounter phase he/she must resolve a single combat encounter against each monster on his/hers space, one at a time, starting with each non-epic monster, in the order of his/hers choice. After an investigator has resolved all combat encounters, if there are no monsters in his space, he/she MAY resolve another encounter (either a Location Encounter or Token Encounter)

7. Reroll results doesn't stack. You only use the dice result before or after a reroll. This is called a Test Result. So, you only use the Gatling Guns +5 str. and Skids' base 4 str. to get 9 dice (+- modifiers not included in this example).

Shotguns second ability also means that every 6 you roll counts as two successes (every cards second paragraph is always effective so they don't have to be "in use". For example Sword Of Y'ha Talla gives  you a clue every time you defeat a monster whether you use the sword or not).

So here's an example: Non-blessed Skids rolls 9 dice and gets two 6:s, three 4:s, two 3:s and two 1:s. Two 6:s means 4 successes. Then he rerolls both dice showing a 1 ('cause of his ability) and gets a 5 and 3. Now he has a total of five successes (6,6 and 5), three 4:s and three 3:s

I don't have the City In Ruins expansion yet so I don't know exactly how the Gatling Gun works but I assume that it lets you to reroll only once two matching die results per combat encounter (correct me if I'm wrong)

So, then Skids uses Gatling Guns ability to reroll two matching 3:s and gets a 5 and 2. This increases his test result to 6 successes (two 6:s and two 5:s). With no more rerolls (clues, focus tokens etc.) his test result is 6 successes.

Of course with a Blessing his test result would've been 9 successes when adding the three 4:s AND if he would've had the Lucky Cigarette Case he could've add one to the result of one die (e.g. one of the 3:s becomes a 4) which takes the total result in 10 successes


Everyone, please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong..

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take your stat value (with impairments/improvements)

add dice equal the highest +x no matter the source (item, spell, other investigator, etc...), but all of them still work for other effects (like re-rolls)

add all "additional dice" no matter the source (item, spell, other investigator, etc...)

apply test modifier (like -1)

use 1 dice if sum of the above is below 1


Gatling Gun - you can use it once per test

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