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Space warrior

Honour guard?!

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I’ve seen people on YouTube using honour guard to remove die showing indirect damage. On the card it says remove a die showing damage, showing the melee and ranged symbols. If this is the case can I claim and resolve indirect with the secret facility battlefield, as that also says damage and shows melee and ranged symbols.  What I’m I missing here? 

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We have these in RR 1.6:

Reminder text is text in parentheses that clarifies game text.
It is used to remind players of rules and does not supersede
the rules. - p. 16

Effects which reference a certain symbol showing on a die work
with any side showing that symbol, even if it is a modified side.
Showing damage includes ranged, melee, and indirect damage. - p.21

From now, every old card that says "showing damage" works with indirect one too i.e Honor Guard, Sound the Alarm, Cannon Fodder, Reversal, Heroism, No Mercy and more.

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