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the ghoul, radiation immunity

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am I interpreting this character correctly?


as such, that since he is "not only "immune to radiation", he is also "healed by it", so effectively, this means that he can never be eliminated from the game because his rad count never rises above 0?


so, like...all the other characters can possibly gain 16 rads and die permanently, but the ghoul is technically immortal and undying i.e. undead?




also, does this radiation immunity/healing carry over into combat, as in, if he gets attacked by an enemy with the "radiation" trait, it's essentially a free kill for him or possible even free healing, because the enemy deals radiation damage, which heals him, so those enemies cannot hurt him?

or does the enemy actually deal physical damage and then deal radiation damage on top of it which then heals the ghoul to create a canceling out effect where he takes 0 damage and heals 0 damage?

example..a glowing one (level 2) moves onto the ghoul player. the player rolls to fight it, the glowing one inflicts 3 hits on the player, which would normally do 6 hp damage + 6 rad damage.


does it


1) do 6 hp damage to the ghoul player 

2) heal 6 hp damage to the ghoul player

3) do 0 hp damage to the ghoul player

4) do 6 hp damage to the ghoul player, then deal 6 rad damage which would instead heal the 6 hp damage which then ends up with a net result of 0 damage


I know some of those look the same, but I'm leaning towards #4...because , what that might mean is that if the ghoul has only 6 hp left, then it is possible that the 6 damage would , in fact, kill him before the rad damage and the healing have a chance to take effect.


but then, perhaps not, because I suppose if say..the BOS player got killled by that same enemy, they would also take the rad damage.


but then again, the ghoul player "would" still be taking the rad damage but because he is immune to it, he takes the 6 damage, which kills him, then takes the rad damage which wouldheal him, but the healing comes just a tad too late because he is already dead, so the healing fails to heal him in time?

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First, yes, the ghoul cannot permanently die.  


I think you're misunderstanding radiation.  The radiation trait only deals the creature's level of radiation, not the same as the damage dealt.  


So, while I don't know the exact order, I would play it as 

first deal physical damage

then deal radiation, which heals damage.  


If the physical damage kills you, you die.  

That does seem harsh, but I'm going off the game which is also quite lethal.  

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thanks for that, i did not realize that the rad damage was static. I interpreted it as being multiplied per hit, just like the damage, which would actually have been way more brutal than your interpretation, because the way i originalky interpreted it,  a person could get REALLY bad rolls and possibly end up taking 6-7 hits and against a level 3 radioactive enemy, that would be instant permadeth elimination.

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On 17-1-2018 at 4:30 PM, DarwinsDog said:

A bit of a tangent, but I think the player elimination thing is just to handle an edge case. I've never seen anyone get more then 10 rads (was a super mutant farming XP). You'd have to try to get 16.

Try the Far Harbor scenario. It will have the non-Ghoul players rise in rads real fast. ? The second half of the game, every step they take will be much more aimed at avoiding rads at all costs.

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