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[DH1] Some Q&A I had with a producer about Disciples of the Dark Gods (Questions 81-90)

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81. Zentos Cyran has Touched by the Fates (2 Fate Points) but 52 WP, page 188 states that you round up for Touched by the Fates however. Should he have 3 Fate Points?
———— > Technically yes, but I’d trust the assigned value over the formula. It is usually a number the writer places, than derives from the WP value. 
82. I think I'm just unsure of what this 40k term might be but what is a "Holy Ordos Segmentum Tabernacle" from When the Dead Do Not Rest?
———— >  A group of Inquisitors who watch over multiple segmentums, but you can really make it whatever you want it to best fit your campaign. 
83. This is more for my notes than anything, but was the Medusan sector ever expounded upon anywhere else than having issues with the Fydae strain virus?
———— > I don’t think so. 
84. From the Sutter's Rock Outbreak account. Is the Krin-77/3 a ship that belonged to House Krin aka Drusus's Bankers?
——— > If you want it to be, sure!
85. The Vile Savant entry for Diseased says "as per plague zombie" however, the plague zombie has no entry description for "Diseased" under their traits only Walking Dead. Is there any difference?
For example are Plague Zombie's attacks considered toxic in the save way a Vile Savant's is? I ask because it says "additionally" in the entry for the Vile Savant as if it's not the same for Plague Zombies.
————— > See the Plague Zombie Traits entry; Diseased is listed there. 
86. Does the telepathy entry on the vile savant profile reflect the "Closer than Flesh" entry from Telepathy powers? Or is their speach ability also subject to these effects?
———— > No and No. Just use the rules listed in their entry. 
87. How would the stats for smaller Plague Swarms be represented?
——— > Lower some of the stats as desired, and adding the Size trait if they get way smaller or larger. . It’s really up to the situation as to what size to make them. 
88. So bit of an odd one, the data file on page 153 (of the book) in the Menagerie section seems more aligned to The Murder Room. Just from content and the fact it mentions Golgol explicitly (well at least a scriviner team of theirs). Possibly misplaced?
———— > Possibly, I really have no idea on that one. 
89. While there are multiple options given for what "The Murder Room" might be for GMs to look at it's mentioned that the conclave is generally away of the Bloch-Golgol theory, but it doesn't say what that theory specifically is. Was that ever defined?
———— > Everything on it is in the pages on Bloch and Gogol. What you as the GM do with it is up to you. 
90. Is there a list of characteristic changes for Blood Wraith possession? Or are we supposed to determine this from the baseline Blood Wraith profile versus the possessed stat block.
Because it doesn't seem like it uses the Blood Wraith's stats in everything (not using the "-" Fellowship stat for example)
———— > The former, but you can change these as desired. 

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