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New Fan Made Weapons and Armour Cards Expansion

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I did it again. We had another session and again found ourselves going for the books a bunch, this time for weapons qualities and descriptions. Three sessions in and we still can't remember all the different special weapon traits.

So in an attempt to fix this and still keep table clutter under control (and production costs), I came up with the Weapons and Armour "expansion". These special small cards are placed directly on the WFRP 3e character sheet itself and they fit perfectly in the Equipment section like so:

Each card has the important item statistics on the front of it and detailed information of all the item's qualities and special traits on its back. 

The following link leads to a folder containing a PDF version and a JPEG version of the 46 new item cards:


I printed these cards using my home printer on glossy paper, cut them, fold them and glue the two sides together. But I think these cards will ultimately work better as thicker card board tokens, similar in thickness to the fatigue and tracking tokens etc. This way they'll be less prone to slide across the character sheet. I'll check out a local printing shop for prices   ;)

I know, you're probably thinking I'm crazy for doing this completely futile task, but with two kids and a stressful full time job, doing this is actually what kept me sane for the last few weeks. So if anyone has any other ideas for such expansions let me know  :D


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