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Fallout: Genesys, Community Campaign

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Fallout: Genesys is an online Roll20/Discord community campaign combining Fallout 4 with the Genesys RPG system and the Fallout Theme by GM Phil (thanks, Phil)! Instead of a Sole Survivor deciding the fate of the Commonwealth, it will be the PCs, both Wastelanders and former Vault Dwellers. Material from the greater Fallout universe will eventually make appearance, alongside custom content.

As a community campaign, it follows a “participate when you can” approach, where anyone who is available to GM or play can step in each week for an adventure in the Commonwealth. If you’re familiar with the West Marches DnD campaign run by fans of Matt Colville, we’re going for the same overall concept.  

This first session will include a preliminary discussion of the setting and what we'd all like from it, followed by a short adventure.
For more information on the campaign, here's the Fallout: Genesys FAQ.

cover, welcome to the wasteland2.jpg

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Your Fallout theme is fantastic, Phil! While I had a strong interest in the setting, due to other commitments, I just didn't have the time to flesh things out properly. Thanks for making this possible! And thanks for the reminder on the Chem supplement. I'll post that to the group now. 

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I've been working on my own Fallout game for...a while now...switched from Cypher System to Genesys a few weeks ago. I'm using Phil's rules for rads, but my own rules for chems, since I wanted them to be more enticing but also have harsh penalties. 

Anyway, I've been using OggDude's SW:EotE generator to throw together some stats for baddies, some created from whole cloth and others made by tweaking Star Wars enemies. The pdf of the entire lot is up to 58 pages and I thought I'd share it here in case it's useful to anyone. Everything from rad rats to fog crawlers, as well as a few creations of my own - my game is centered on the coast so I generated a couple irradiated marine threats. My game also features nine (technically ten, counting the swamp-dwelling outcasts) warring raider "tribes" so there's a bunch of different raiders with similar stats and different gear lists.

Note: I wanted a smaller subset of skills for my game so I'm not using Cool or Gunnery. As such, nothing in my packet has ranks in either. Shouldn't be too hard to re-add them if you want or just use as-is.

Edit: The hosted pdf will probably be updated from time to time as I add stuff. I probably won't say anything about it here, though lol

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