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Accessing several cards in R&D and recurring credits

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Hi All,

I'm new to Android Netrunner.  I've played a few games and am really enjoying it.  I have a few beginner questions.

1.) How do recurring credits work?  I understand the nomenclature of "two recurring credits" or "three recurring credits" etc. but my question concerns how the cards behave over multiple turns.  If for example I have a card that gives me "three recurring credits" and I do not use it for two turns in a row, at the beginning of my next turn will it then have 9 credits on it?  

Or is it more like it "always resets itself to three credits at the beginning of your turn"?  Example: I have a card that gives me three recurring credits and I use 2 of those credits on my following turn (now it has 1 credit on it until the start of my next turn, at which point the card will "refill" itself and there will again be 3 credits on the card)

2.)  If I play an Event card that lets me access the top 3 cards of R&D --how would I play this?  What if I look at the top card and decide not to trash it?  Can I then look at the next card down as that first card I looked at sits there hovering in the air?  or am I stuck because I cannot access the next card down until the top card has been "dealt with" so to speak?


3.)  What are the stipulations for installing Upgrades on servers?  I understand that "unique" cards like Bernice Mai and ASH 2X3Z... can only exist one at a time on the table.  However, can I install 3 Bernice Mai's facedown onto a Server, keeping in mind that only one of them can be rezzed at a time?  So if the Runner trashes my first Bernice Mai, I could just rez the next one in line?

4.)  Additionally, could someone explain how the Runner accesses a Server after passing by all of the ICE?  I understand that if there is and Upgrade installed in the root of a server as well as an Agenda/Asset installed facedown the Runner has the option of deciding in which order he wants to access them....What is the purpose of this?  Why would the order of the cards being accessed matter?  That being said, during this process, is the Runner supposed to know which card is the upgrade and which card is the Asset/Agenda?  or are the cards randomized before he accesses them?

Furthermore, if I install an Upgrade facedown as a root on R&D, and the Runner successfully accesses R&D, he then gets to choose the order in which he accesses both the top card of R&D and the Upgrade?

5.)  Finally, what are the stipulations for being able to install Upgrades on Servers?  Is it true that Factions don't matter (ie I could install an NBN and a Weyland and a Jinteki Upgrade all on the same server)?  The only limiting factor is the "Region" subtype, in which you are only allowed to have one of these kinds of Upgrades --So I couldn't have a Hokusai Grid AND a NeoTokyo Grid on the same Server? (even though both of these Upgrades are from the Jinteki faction?)


Thanks for putting up with my noob questions :-?

I look forward to any and all replies...

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1) Rules Reference Guide p 9 - Credit - Recurring
Recurring credits are placed on a card when the card becomes active and can be used immediately. Recurring credits do not accumulate—a player refills recurring credits up to the number listed on the card when their turn begins. This occurs at step [1.3] of the turn.

2) Rules Reference Guide p 4 - Accessing Multiple Cards in a Server
When the Runner chooses to access cards in a server, they will access a set number of cards...When the Runner accesses multiple cards from R&D, the Runner must access the cards in the order that they appear in the server (often starting with the topmost card of R&D)...Example: The Runner plays The Maker’s Eye and makes a successful run on R&D. They access the top card of R&D, and afterward choose and access an upgrade installed in the root of R&D. The Runner then finishes accessing cards by accessing two more cards from R&D.

3) Sure. But you can only have one rezzed at a time, so you'll only get the one to trigger when the triggering condition occurs. You cannot install more than one Region Upgrade in a server, rezzed or unrezzed.

4) The overall accessing structure is in the rules reference guide. As to the why--well, if one card in the server is Prisec that will deal one Meat Damage, and the other card is an Obokata Protocol that will win you the game if you can take 4 Net Damage in order to steal it, if you've only got four cards in hand, it matters a lot. 

You cannot obfuscate the order in which cards were installed in a server; the runner has the right to know which was installed first, second, third, etc. but if they're all unrezzed, well...may the odds be ever in your favor. With the exception of R&D which must be accessed in top-to-bottom order, the runner can access all the cards they will access in any order they choose. See "accessing multiple cards in a server" above for instances where the multiple cards are a normal access+installed upgrade.

5) The rules only reference faction identity during deckbuilding. I'm not aware of any impact that the factions of your deck's cards would have during a game. The cards in your deck are only constrained by the rules governing assets/upgrades/agendas generally. 

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To clarify on point 2, you will continue to access, but only after deciding what to do with the first card. Just because you don't steal or trash, it doesn't prevent you from continuing. However, you can't then later decide to go back and trash it if you change your mind.

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