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Favorite Narratives

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As people play through this game, everyone is experiencing a different story. I'm curious to know. Now that you've played, what's your favorite?

For me, it's gotta be my first play through as the Vault Dweller. He started off becoming vilified by stealing from settlements, but ended up redeeming himself by exposing a criminal operation. It was a tough grind, but at the end of it all he managed to find his best friend in the whole wasteland... Dogmeat. Together, they helped complete the Wasteland Survival Guide for Moira and uncovered a massive wealth of information in Vault 109 that finally ended the game.

I'll remember this game for three reasons. First, I cosplay as a Vault Dweller. Second, I exclusively used Dogmeat for the majority of my Fallout 4 playthrough. (Piper & Curie were the only others I used... for the perks, ya know.) And third, we screwed up the rules so bad the results of the endgame didn't matter because someone would have won an hour earlier if we had played correctly.

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