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Another co-op one would be rather interesting, I think. Branding aside, LotR is very different from most other card games out there and there's a reason it's the longest running (if you accept the 'edition break' in Game of thrones as a new game).

  • A sci-fi co-op would be cool.
  • Star Wars is the obvious one - it's supposedly what the PvP star wars game was originally going to be, before it was changed for reasons.
  • At the same time, "bunch of characters co-op vs the empire" is essentially imperial assault without the models.
  • Twilight Imperium might be interesting, but (a) the brand isn't one that drags in attention (if you're doing anything Fantasy or Sci-Fi, being able to slap the Lord of the Rings or Star Wars labels respectively on it almost guarantees a certain minimum level of success...) and (b) I'm not sure FFG's proprietary totally-not-dune universe works so well for a co-operative game.
    • Of course, Twilight Imperium is a universe, not a single point in time. Rex is set 3,000 years before 'twilight imperium' at the point the Lazax imperium falls, and is during the 'twilight wars' which went on for several decades despite there being a ruling dynasty.  There could easily have been a "assorted loyal imperial nobles trying to hold the empire together" period, with members of various races equipped to be policeman, merchant, and diplomat to play fireman and sort out successive crises.
  • Terrinoth is an option for fleshing out - with RPG + Board Game + RPG-lite-game-book, a card game is the obvious next thing. But.....it's always felt very 'discount LotR' and the one thing you don't want to do is hurt the LotR LCG, which is FFG's longest running, by overlapping too much. At the same time, I was surprised that they did the Warhammer Quest card game, which was essentially a very similar premise. Whether it would have survived alongside LotR had GW and Asmodee not split ways, I don't know.



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What is most likely?  I am not a business/marketing person by any means, but would guess that they are looking at a combination of general market trends, where each of the current LCGs is in it's sales/life cycle, their resources and accessible IPs, and what mix of returning/current/new players gives them the best sales.....which is a ton of words to arrive at 'I got not clue.' 

What would I like to see next? I really only play the Co-op LCGs and don't know if I'd want a 3rd one to keep up with right now.  But, assuming that LOTR will go to the Undying Lands at some point, I'd love to see  another co-op game to take it's place.  

If they stick to in house IPs, I'd like to see a co-op LCG in the Netrunner or Terrinoth universes.  If branching into other licenses, The Witcher would be cool.

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