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First Attempt at a Board and Terrain

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All weather jokes aside, I’ve got a tiny update, but not terrain related. Picked up a WoTC Fleet Trooper and Rebel Trooper for a buck a piece at the local gaming store to try out some possible paint schemes. I really like the “movie” colours of the Fleet Troops, and the Bespin Rebels from Battlefront, so that is my main inspiration. However, I still want a unique paint scheme that’s fairly realistic. I did these quick and dirty mock ups to satisfy that itch. Just a basecoat and wash, except I found the blue to be a bit dark so I dry brushed a lighter colour to try that colour out. May end up switching the pants colour between the two to deviate the Fleet troops’ look a bit more from the “movie” colours. I’ll probably strip them down and repaint them again this weekend with some minor changes, because I’m a huge nerd and can’t wait until March 22nd to figure out what paints I’m going to use, apparently...


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