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Finding The Narrative: A Genesys RPG Podcast (Episode 0)

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Hey all!

I just wanted to let you all know that Azzmodeus and I have released our first episode of Finding The Narrative: A Genesys RPG Podcast that is dedicated to all things ... Genesys.   It's our first podcast ever we've done, so be patient as we try to find our way.  Take a listen and let us know what you think!


Tony and Chris


Podbean Site

YouTube Channel

iTunes Site 

Facebook Page


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updated title with episode number

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We are shooting for an every other week schedule recording on a sunday night and publishing later that night for the monday morning commute.  =)


We are n00bs at podcasting so I didn't have the iTunes podcast feed setup last night.  I've got it submitted so hopefully it will show up in iTunes in the next few days or by monday.

And, I did get a YouTube channel setup too that I will put the link to in my original post above.

Glad you all are enjoying it!  And I as well cannot wait until the next episode!

Chris "Zszree" Holmes

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20 minutes ago, HorusArisen said:

Not showing here

Hmmm, I just logged onto iTunes with a different ID and did a search for "finding the narrative".  It showed up in the list of podcasts for me.  Anyone else not seeing it in iTunes?

Thanks for the feedback, HorusArisen.

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Just now, Fogemort said:

I was able to find it in the iOS Podcasts app. It doesn't show in the autocomplete list, but it is there when you do a search. I had to scroll a few windows to find it.

Thanks for posting this, Fogemort!  We appreciate it!

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2 hours ago, GM Hooly said:

Just so you are aware, the Podcast does not appear to be available to Australian audiences via iTunes :(

Oooo.  That might be my n00bness here.  I'll have to look into my account settings or something.  Or would it take a few more days to be available to those outside the U.S.?  We appreciate you pointing this out and I'll get on it to figure out what's going on ... or not going on in this case.  =)

We do have the YouTube Channel and Podbean if you want to listen through those medias as well.

Thanks again, man!

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I found this little nugget in the FAQ.  I'm wondering if it will work for you GM Hooly. 

Can I subscribe to a podcast that isn’t available in the iTunes Store?

Yes. In iTunes, choose Subscribe to Podcast from the File menu and insert the podcast feed URL for that podcast. In the Podcasts app for iOS, enter the feed URL into the search field in My Podcasts.


You can try to use this as the feed URL: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/finding-the-narrative-a-genesys-rpg-podcast

Although, that just looks like a link to the podcast itself and not the actual feed.  Hmmm.

Also I found this too ... "Your podcast is not searchable in the iTunes Store until it is indexed, which can take up to 24 hours."  Now question is if this indexing is different for different regions, meaning it might be indexed first here in the US, then spread out?  It's been just over 24 hours since it's been approved, but not sure how long this takes.


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Good stuff!
I especially like the last segment, giving examples of Advantage and Threat - as a noob to the system it's good to see it in action to get ideas.

P.S. Another Aussie here, but I found it on iTunes about 12 hours ago using Store Search function. I don't have an iTunes account, I only use it coz it (sorta) plays nice with my iPod.

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