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Clan Token Variant

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After playing around with a few variants, I've come to appreciate how solid this game is. 

Some elements can feel strange or out of balance at first (Bluff token, secret objectives, random token draw) but they all have a role to play in the game, and after a handful of plays I think they work great out of the box. 

But one Variant that I've had real fun with, but I don't feel takes anything away from the standard game, is having each player take their Unique Clan Token into their hand during setup. 

It works just as normal, and you still draw up to six tokens total, but it means Crane always start with a Diplomacy token, Scorpion with their Shinobi 3, and so on. A little extra flavour and no chance of missing out on your unique token altogether. 

Does anybody else have any variants they've been playing with? 

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I've used several within these forums:

1) Secret objectives chosen after initial control markers placed

2) Using all 6 combat tokens each round (to include the bluff token every round)

3) and my Seasons of Peace 3 player variant

Now I will try your variant and report back.

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