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Shinobi on Border

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Ohayo minna san

I play battle for rokugan last week, it was my first play and It is amazing game 

But in my first game my opponent place a shinobi token on the land border, he understand with shinobi can attack like Army token.


I told him it's Illegally placed token and discard it in step 2 of resolution phase

Althought if it legal placed but he not win the battle because the shinobi strenght is 1 and that province has +1defend

My opponent still understand shinobi token can attack like the army token


So this is my question

Shinobi token can place on land border but Is it legal placed token? and resolve like army token?

P.s. I hope this game has expansion nd can't wait to play it

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1 hour ago, TheSpitfired said:

It resolves like an army token, but it is placed in the middle of the province. This is in the rules and is also right on the player screen.

To expand on what @TheSpitfired is saying, the Shinobi token your opponent placed was illegally placed and would have been removed before resolution. 

Now having said that, the reason this is important is because once that player placed his token on your border, it makes you unable to attack his adjacent province from that border with your own appropriate combat token. 

The shinobi token not only allows you to attack a non-adjacent province, it also would allow you to attack adjacent provinces with out blocking the border if your army needed additional strength but lacked a blessing or an additional adjacent border. In essence, a coordinated attack. 

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