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Imperial Advisor Arem Heshvaun

The Last Jedi Soundtrack free download

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Since it’s awards season,

Disney has The Last Jedi soundtrack up on its ‘For Your Consideration’ page.

In case you want to blast the score whist getting your scenery ready, and when the time comes to blast the Rebel armies who dare invade them.

Also, if you have Netflix check out ‘The Toys That Made Us’  episode 1 on the first Star Wars toys.


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One step further should anyone really care

use the website above but at the end use the following URL add-on

1. /media/audio/sw/score/01_ESCAPE.mp3

2. /media/audio/sw/score/02_AHCH-TO_ISLAND.mp3

3. /media/audio/sw/score/03_THE_SUPREMACY.mp3

4. /media/audio/sw/score/04_ADMIRAL_HOLDO.mp3

5. /media/audio/sw/score/05_FUN_WITH_FINN_AND_ROSE.mp3

6. /media/audio/sw/score/06_CONNECTION.mp3

7. /media/audio/sw/score/07_LESSON_ONE.mp3

8. /media/audio/sw/score/08_CANTO_BIGHT.mp3

9. /media/audio/sw/score/09_THE_MASTER_CODEBREAKER.mp3

10. /media/audio/sw/score/10_THE_FATHIERS.mp3

11. /media/audio/sw/score/11_THE_CAVE.mp3

12. /media/audio/sw/score/12_REYS_JOURNEY.mp3

13. /media/audio/sw/score/13_A_NEW_ALLIANCE.mp3

14. /media/audio/sw/score/14_HOLDOS_RESOLVE.mp3

15. /media/audio/sw/score/15_CHROME_DOME.mp3

16. /media/audio/sw/score/16_THE_BATTLE_OF_CRAIT.mp3

17. /media/audio/sw/score/17_THE_SPARK.mp3

18. /media/audio/sw/score/18_THE_LAST_JEDI.mp3

19. /media/audio/sw/score/19_OLD_FRIENDS.mp3

20. /media/audio/sw/score/20_FINALE.mp3

Once you have entered this you will come up with the player, right click the player and select Save as.... that will then download the track


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Out of curiosity, did anyone really like the new sound track? I've listened to it a few times and it seems like the majority of the score is just themes from the OT and TFA being reused rather than anything new. I know that the Canto Bit one is new, but unless I'm missing something this is one of the few Star Wars soundtracks that don't stand out to me. 

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