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I just started a new job and it is pretty rough learning curve, so as long as you are cool with me doing occasional potty phone updates during business hours then sign me up.  It's an awesome company but I am having to learn a bunch of tech stuff that I'm not used to (job isn't tech per se, but I need to know about the tech to do my job). 

ANYWAY, TL;DR sure just don't expect me to post super long stuff from 9-5.

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2 hours ago, PodRacer said:

Perhaps if we go with the lengthy days and temper our expectation of high post rates, some of the neutrals can be busy and still have time for the odd post. Or will too slow of a tempo ruin the game?

Days' length can be increased. I would still expect, at least, one post each 48 hours in terms of activity. Let me know if you guys want an extention for Days and Nights length.

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