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Showcase: Tie Silencer

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8 minutes ago, Darth Drago said:

Would it be "Sabine Vet"?

Wouldn't she be, like, 30 something?



1.) The Empire is founded on Ezra's birthday.
2.) Sabine is young, but calls Ezra "kid" implying she is older than him.
3.) Luke and Leia are born around the same time as the founding of the Empire.

So, Sabine should look more of an age with Luke and Leia than Poe and Phasma.

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16 minutes ago, Rinzler in a Tie said:

I'm getting security warnings or I would use this

Interesting - never considered this! ty

I do it from a desktop. So I load the image in my instagram, view source, find the .jpg string, paste it into chrome to make sure it's right, then copy and insert into my post. Yes, it's tedious and a PITA, but I don't like Imagur. 

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On 2/2/2018 at 9:49 AM, ZealuxMyr said:

Imperial Grey TIE Silencer - It is amazing how much better this looks than the black on black with a darkwash...so much detail in the model we're otherwise missing out on (and yes, it has headlights :P).


Stellar work, holy crap!


Re: Thread.
Please start using imgur, photobucket is almost a decade past its prime.

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