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[DH1] Some Q&A I had with a producer about Disciples of the Dark Gods (Questions 71-80)

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71. Concerning question 70, which way do you round for Crawling, up or down? And Does the Size AB bonus or subtraction apply before or after Crawlings modification of the movement?
———— > I’d use the standard rounding rules from the core rulebook. I generally do Size first in all things. 
72. What circumstances would be useful for the Secret Tongue (Malfian Dark Tongue) - From Lady Solace's profile?
———— > Whenever the GM feels it would be useful. No specifics. 
73. For Black Channeling, the lost wound, is it just damage bypassing armour and TB? Or is it a permanent wound loss?
——— > The wording suggests the latter. GM could make it just a “damage” wound though if desired. 
74. Does a dose of Bloody Libation cause Corrupt Mutations multiple times if imbibed on a regualr basis? (at least feasibly until 100 corruption or death by 0 Toughness)
———— > It happens every time you use it, so yes. 
75. Is damage form a **** Heart reduced by Armour or Toughness?
———— > I’d say yes, as it doesn’t say it isn’t. 
76. Can the Eris Transform be applied with any Trade skill, or only (artist), I ask becuase in the fluff it mentions some more diverse things being applied but artist is pretty specific.
———— > The latter, unless the GM wants to make it broader. 
77. On Table 4-7 under Daemonic Incursion, do those within 100 meters suffer 1d5 corruption for being trapped within 1 kilometer and then a further 1d10 corruption for being within 100 meters?
———— > No. 
78. What modifications would be in place for "The Pawns of the Dark Prince" to make them more in line with followers of Ateanism?
————— > Depends on the exact way the GM wants to portray Ateanism really. Basically making them less loyal to Imperium, more heretical, more knowledgable about heresies, and so on though. 
79. The Fiend of Rapture has "Ambidextrous" in their skill section. Is this intended to be a talent they posses and was just misplaced? Or are they not supposed to have it period?
———— > Talent. 
80. I can see why those immune to mind effects or without overly fleshy bodies would be immune to the fiend of rapture's willpower test thing from Soporific cloud, but do they also ignore the -10 to ranged attacks?
———— > Yes - it’s a real cloud around the daemon.

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