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As far as i understand the rules for the Spy, we do not have to announce who has them. Both teams just have make sure on their own who has the tokens. And during the Match they have to be presented.

I know we all forgot the Token in the last round. Just want to make sure it works this time.

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The Battle of Tralus is over. It was a horrible clash of fleets with 7 ships destroyed and 7 squadrons obliterated.

Vader has beaten Mon Mothma in round 1.

Vader has beaten Admrial Ackbar in round 2.

Now, Vader has finally met his master! Sato? No, it was the dice engine... :ph34r:

Rebel victory!

Destroyed rebel units:

  • 3 HH
  • Salvation
  • 1 YT2400

Veteran rebel units:

  • Aspiration

Destroyed imperial ships:

  • Devastator
  • Demolisher
  • 1 Gozanti
  • all squads

Veteran imperial units:

Long live the greatest force in the galaxy: The dice engine! :D


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My Raider-2 is now also a veteran. And yes, I freely admit to veterancy farming ?

It was an ok game overall (except the slowness). Sato seemed a little confused at the start, so I made a little killing field for his ships... and die they did.

But then his black dice went into overdrive, and my ISD that was supposed to keep him boxed in just MELTED. Apparently SALVATION doesn't ALWAYS whiff ? And that ER front arc from Aspiration was EPIC.

Anyway, that shifted the balance, and the MC75 got away. As second player I had no realistic way of chasing it down.

My final act of defiance was blowing up Salvation with Demo. Mostly just because.

I think I landed on 140 refit or thereabouts. More or less irrelevant as I can repair everything.

Sato losses were lighter. Those HH and Salvation are very cheap. And my squads are mostly there to delay.

Oh, and rebels have a flotilla running along the board edge, doing relay spam. It's almost like all rebel squads have rogue. Anyway, it's on my most wanted list.

2 campaign points for rebels.

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Breaking news

evil space nazis blow up defenceless space orphanage then feel bad about it.

The evil space nazis fleet commanded by the evil Admiral Sloane have attacked and blown up the neutral space orphanage at centrepoint. This orphanage, famed for it’s space pacifism and space cross stitch remained true to their space pacifist principals even while being victims of a space war crime, not even shooting back at the evil space nazis (though one squadron of phantoms suffered minor damage getting bits of space orphan stuck in their engines).

the valiant Mon Mothma was visiting the orphanage at the time but was unable to stop the cloud of space nazi snub fighters from blowing it up. Fortunately she was able to stop the space nazi snub fighters really blowing up anything else, then fled to hyperspace with footage of this desipicable crime against civilisation.

So @BrobaFett won, but I played a super negative keep away the whole game which meant I only took very minor loses. The independent station (which broba insportingly selected over opening salvo for some reason) was absolutely useless. Of it’s 9 flak shots before it died, two hit, one of which got scattered by Dengar.


other than that Broba took down one of the CR90s, wedge and a VCX and Wedge took down Soontir Fel. Black squadron ended up veteran, wedge didn’t because he died. I could have probably played activation catching with broba for another two rounds and might have taken down his Avenger, but I would have lost another CR90 and my remaining VCX so I ran away when I got the chance, given I was going to have to go **** for leather to win from there. The rebels have lost a spynet outpost, but we have kept our fleet intact which is pretty important right now.

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They clearly felt bad as after they had blown it up they couldn’t  hit a barn door. @BrobaFett rolled at least six double blanks with phantoms and that was before I could start mothmaing.

they either felt bad, had bits of orphan in their targeting computers or both

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Match is over, dust is settling. In short, we did a base defense: Ion cannon and Ackbar won. Rebel lost one Transporter (killed by Ion cannon, this one is now Veteran ;)). Imperials lost all squadrons (two Defender and three scarred Interceptors) and one Gozanti (scarred). 
I really have to say that the dice from me were insane (on some attacks). First 10 blue dice from the squadrons were all hits. CR90 were rolling natural double all the time (at least it felt this way).

No new Veterans (Jan does not deserve a Veteran Status when he cannot even kill a scarred TIE Interceptor with 3 attacks :o). And the CR90 was out of range for a final shot.
The Thrawn ISD was down to 8 hull from 3 or 4 attacks from the CR90 :huh:. It is really evil what these two Corvettes did on damage.
One GSD was down to 2 hull from the YT2400 (and a little help from the MC30)
Both CR90 were good damaged (2 hull and 3 hull), but were able to keep the distance to the GSD.


There will be a rebel presence on Aurea.

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3 hours ago, Green Knight said:


So there is a rebel BASE at Aurea?

The Rebels are building up a presence at Aurea and Tralus. Might cost you an attack to find out what is there ;).

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Today is Tuesday, It is really good weather today, not so cold anymore. 
I am currently painting Legion miniatures, and ****, am i bad in it. But the AT-ST looks at least really good (unpainted that is...). When FFG does not come out with news about Armada, i have to use their other offers ;).

Later today a friend is coming over for a nice chat. Have not seen him for a while. He just started (or is thinking about) starting with IA. I will try to convince him that Armada is the better game. 

For today i have still to decide what i want to eat. I have the choice between hot Curry Chicken and ordering some Chinese food. Any suggestions?


Or did you mean something else? :P

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Ok, so we have each:

45 refit

77 resources

+4 from a spacer (presumably to me, since I have the least resources atm)

So 45/77 for each of you

45/81 for me.

I need 90+ to fully repair.

Fortunately I have 26 in the bank.

For next round we have no diplomats, but 2 spynets. Let's try to remember we have them :D

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