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3 minutes ago, Dr alex said:

I’d love to though I’m restricted in my time I can play to 2000 GMT, so if it is a non-Europe group it’s probably better to count me out

I'm Euro time. So ideally I'm looking for a group with compatible time zones. 

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4 hours ago, BrobaFett said:


Would you want my spot in a standard cc? Or is Gal Civ and this too much. 


I'm still tentative. I want to make sure I don't over commit myself and then get super busy at work on top of it.

But I do love the CC... 

I am super busy the rest of the month.  I think I should only commit to one.

I'll ping UG and see when he thinks the GalCiv might get off the ground.

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Looking at the VWC timeline:


Signups - Now Open, through 0001 GMT, Wednesday Jan 10th, 2018.
Fleet Lists Due - 0001 GMT, Tuesday Jan 16th, 2018.
PODs Assigned - Wednesday Jan 17th 2018.
POD Rounds Complete - Wednesday Feb 7th 2018.
1st Elimination Round Complete - Wednesday Feb 14th 2018 (Happy Valentine's Day!)
2nd Elimination Round Complete - Wednesday Feb 21st 2018
Semi-Final Round Complete - Wednesday Feb 28th 2018
Finals Complete - Wednesday March 7th, 2018

So tentatively start after POD play is done?

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