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Rebel ships, how I hate them

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I was able to get TWO games of Armada in tonight in preparation for our "local" regional next weekend, please join in laughing at my complete ineptness with the list I've been running for a couple of months now. ?

The first game was against the following:

MC80 Liberty with Leia commander, Mon Karren, Tactical Expert, Nav Team, Leading Shots, Dual Turbolaser Turrets, Quad Turbolaser Cannon

Nebulon B Escort with Salvation, Major Derlin, Slaved Turrets

Hammerhead Torpedo Corvette with Garel's Honor, Lando, Ordnance Experts, External Racks

Shara Bey, Hera, Rogue Squadron, X-Wing squadrons


I chose his Planetary Ion Cannon objective, mainly because it hasn't been that bad for me in the past.  I was running my ISD1, Glad1, Raider1, Goz with 3 Defenders and Stele.

Deployment.  My plan is to just ignore Salvation way out to my right, tie up his squadrons with mine, and wreck face with the ISD and Gladiator.


End of turn 1, the Gladiator is a bit out of shot to the left.  You can see I'm trying to time my run with the Defenders so they don't get chewed up piecemeal.


At the start of turn 2, he hit the front of my ISD with an Ion Cannon shot, rolling 1 non critical damage and 3 accuracies.  By the end of turn 2, Shara and an X-Wing had taken out a Defender, and I had only managed to grab half of his squadrons.


Starting in turn 3, another Ion hit to the front of the ISD, again with 1 non critical hit and 3 accuracies.  Then my plan for Imperial dominaton fell apart in spectacular fashion.  While maneuvering the Gladiator on an engine tech move, I managed this...


Yes, the grey line is the boundary of the play area, and my undamaged Gladiator was off the table.  Then his Battle Cruiser shot at my ISD.  I had not considered his Concentrate Fire and Turbolaser dice modification abilities, and found out the hard way how much it hurt.  The Hammerhead took enough damage to die, until Lando came along and decided to make me reroll so the ship survived with just 1 damage card on it.  Suddenly my warm fuzzies were running out the door into the arctic night air.


Starting turn 4, the Raider took an ion hit receiving 1 damage card I believe.  You can see above that my squadrons weren't really doing their job well.  By this point I believe I had banished my dice and pulled out a backup set (of the two backup sets I carry for such bad showings!). I was able to destroy the Hammerhead with a side shot from the ISD, but Mon Karren laughed at my front arc somehow.  I was now very nervous because the ISD was racking up the damage cards, with two straight shots from the MC80 having resulted in moderate amounts of damage rolled but more importantly 4 accuracies each time!

End of 4, start of 5.  I'm pretty much done at this point.  Nothing of note really happened after this, and it ended up being a significant loss for me.


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The second game was against @CyborgNinja and his annoying small ships and lots of fighters.  This is one of my weaknesses, so I was looking forward to it.

He was running:

Assault Frigate 2B, Adar Tallon, Flight Controllers, Boosted Comms

CR90A, Cracken, Jana's Light, TRC

Torpedo Corvette (I forgot to write down the upgrades)

GR75, boosted comms

GR75, Comms Net, Torryn Farr

Nym, 2 Scurrg Bombers, Jan Ors, 3 X-Wing, Corran Horn

I (foolishly) chose to go first and picked his fighter ambush, feeling confident I could tie up his fighters enough to minimize the objective points.

On setup, my main goal was to go after the Assault Frigate.  I set up my obstacles as close to his side as I could so he wouldn't be able to jump off in round 1 or 2 using his boosted comms to hit me.  My ISD and Gladiator are rushing forward at speed 3 to try and Hammer that Assault Frigate, **** the torpedoes!


End of turn 1, jumping out like that probably wasn't the smartest idea, since I've left my fighters behind.  I've left myself two of them close enough to the Gozanti to activate them with a squadron command, to try and protect my 2 main combat ships.


End of turn 2.  The Raider with its flechette torpedoes and the Defenders helped a bit, but the Scurrgs and Nym are still being annoying.  And curse Adar Tallon!  We hates him!  That being said, I impressed myself with my maneuvering, because I didn't bump any of the squadrons while diving into the big pile of fighters there!


End of turn 3.  I basically traded the Raider for the Hammerhead, but not until I had hit some squadrons with the flechette torpedoes again.  At this point, the Gladiator is in a bad spot, with a horrible damage card pile. It's basically out of the fight at this point, and I'm running away with it, trying to save points.




End of turn 4, I have no real shots on ships, so I'm just plinking away at squadrons with what I have left.  He's trying to chase down my Gladiator with Corran to get that last damage he needs.


End of turn 5, the last Defender was able to kill Corran, saving the Gladiator.  I think I may have destroyed 1 other squadron?  Basically the fight is done.


End of the game.  It ended up being a ~95 point loss, with him gaining 6 objective tokens.  We agreed that he should have killed the Gladiator with his Assault Frigate in turn 3 instead of going for more objective tokens.  Other than that, he played a great game.



I think ive decided that I like the list, but if I'm out activated and facing a bunch of small ships, I'm just going to go second and turtle up, forcing my opponent to come into my guns.

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First game would have been completely different had your Gladiator not gone off the board. Salvation was completely out of the fight. I’m still rather surprised it went the way it did. Nice write up. I may have missed it, but who were you running as your admiral? JJ?

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@emsgoof - Thanks for the game! Feel a bit less rusty before regionals next week.

@elbmc1969 - Thanks! The boosted comms GR-75 came from old BFG antennas, like emsgoof said. The comms net dish is just from the corvette that got the magnetized heavy turret. That one was really easy to do.

Here are my forum posts for painted/modded ships:



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