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New player looking for advice

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Hi Guys and Gals,

New player here, haven't been playing long and looking for some advice on a list I've put together for my first up coming competition:


YT-2400 Freighter: •Dash Rendar (55)
        Counter-Measures (3)
        •Outrider (5)
        •Lone Wolf (2)
        Heavy Laser Cannon (7)
        •Rey (2)

VCX-100: Lothal Rebel (45)
        Anti-Pursuit Lasers (2)
        Fire-Control System (2)
        Autoblaster Turret (2)
        •Hera Syndulla (1)
        Navigator (3)

Total:  100/100


Any tips and advice will be greatly appreciated. 

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Welcome to the game, friend!

So your Dash is a tried and true build. Very potent, the challenge is managing range - you may have to disengage at times.

Lothal Rebels are potent builds without a doubt, but they need a lot of points to be strong. I would start by ditching Navigator and APL. While they are cool, they are not vital or overwhelming. TLT with Ezra, Hera, and a Collision Detector could very well be a more effective build.

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Dash is solid.

I feel like it'll be hard to leverage that Navigator on a PS 3 Lothal Rebel.  Perhaps dropping it and taking pilot-Chopper would work instead.  It'd be a very scary blocker.  Perhaps too scary, and a canny opponent won't get anywhere too close it.  Crew-Ezra is also pretty strong with Hera and Fire Control System.  You'll be able to chain red moves and have full mods.  Another thought would be to trade both Navigator and Anti-Pursuit Lasers in for an Engine Upgrade.  Engines on a Ghost, even a low-PS Ghost, are surprisingly good.  It'll have a lot of the effect of a Navigator (changing your ship's position), but will probably be easier to use.

[If you've been hearing about the Hera-Navigator combination, folks mean the Hera-Pilot.  If she dials in a 1 straight green, she can change her move to any straight or bank.  It's very strong against low PS ships, but the average PS seems too high these days for it to be too effective.]

If going for a cheap TLT build, I'd consider the Wookiee Comandos crew out of the Auzituck.  It'll provide reasonable dice modification on both TLT attacks pretty cheaply, although it doesn't do too much for your primary weapon.  That'd leave another 3ish points to spare.  Digging out the Reinforced Deflectors system slot would work well here.  You can take Evades every turn since the Wookiees cover your attacks, and you'll be losing health more slowly in the damage race.

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