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Darian Ocana

Knowledge is Power - A magical progression mod for Genesys

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Happy New Year everyone,

I created this magical skill progression mod for the Genesys core magic rules because I felt that the power progression for spellcasters was too simple. The core idea of this mod is: “Knowledge is Power”. All magical powers are derived from the study of the Spellcaster’s Magic. This provides the spellcaster with points to distribute among the disciplines that are available for the type of Magic the caster is involved in. 

Anyway, I hope some of you find this useful. Comments / Criticism is welcome :D

Knowledge is Power.pdf

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So instead of having magic skills you have these disciplines? Making you have different  effective skill ranks for different spells. I actually quite like this approach, it’s unique and outside the box for Genesys, but it gets around the “xp for spells” concept that usually floats around.

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