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Sorastro's Painting

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10 minutes ago, KalEl814 said:

He looks really rad. Nice to see such an improvement from your first (and still great) Vader from IA!

Thanks Kal!  I was never 100% happy with my IA Vader (even at the time) but - three years on - I now feel a lot more confident and less afraid of painting boldly :)

3 minutes ago, Alrik2438 said:

Nice scheme for the rebel troopers. @Sorastro could we get some more shots of the 'desert' scheme rebels,? Don't remember them from the rebel troopers video :) 

Thanks!  I have to put all my Legion images through an approval process but I'll happily include some shots of the brown troopers in the next batch :)

5 minutes ago, OccasionallyCorrect said:

Vader looks great! Can't wait to see your ATST!

Thanks buddy!  I can't wait to share it with you :)

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@Sorastro I have a dark and a light grey primer but the light is just about the color of the plastic. Is the pale grey primer you used on the stormtroopers significantly lighter than that?

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These are all amazing! Thank you so much! I've been watching all of these for the last few hours to get inspired to go paint all my new minis this weekend. 

Every part of Vader is a masterpiece! I particularly like the shading on his helmet - also very movie accurate, since the plastic they used in the actual films wasn't very shiny so they had makeup people carefully brush white and grey streaks onto it before each scene!  

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