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Question about Black Sun and other questions.

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Hello, I started Anima Tactics when it was released with just the starter set (Shingami/Chesire) and a few models, played it a lot and had a blast. I ended up getting out of it due to my area not having any way of getting in more than 4 models a week that sold out ASAP, the store closed downa nd no one played anymore. But now that I got the rulebook and am reading it, (Different than the little pamphlet from what? 2006/7?) me and three friends are getting into it. I always tried to collect Samuel and they interested me, but found a lot of other I liked. I have only a small collection at the moment that includes models I found to look very awesome. But another faction I was always interested in was Black Sun. But is there any word about them or what they plan on doing with them? Another few question I have are:


Is there a model for Morrigan?

The new Characters from the Fantasy flight store, is there a book that has their story? (I tend to pick characters from their story)

What websites are there that are considered really good for Anima Tactics?

I remembers a website that was for one of the sculptors, I just remember it was a word press page.



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Black Sun will be appearing Soon it officially was slated for a March/April release.  The Black Sun will be the first of the new Organisation starters and will include a number of figures.

For figure backgrounds you need to look at the Saga 1 & 2 book that just came out but for a lot of the new figures they are Saga 3 which has yet to have a luff book made, though usually there is a summary paragraph about them floating around.

The best website to find those paragraphs and other Anima Tactics information is the main Anima Studios forum at this location...www.edgeent.com/animaforum/index.php Go down to the Tactics section and have a look, lots of info ofn games, whats coming up what rules go with whom etc.

Here is the only sculptor for Anima on Worldpress I now of ... phildeb.wordpress.com/

Hope this all helped.

- Raith

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