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Zion's Finest - Episode 8! Command Your Deck!

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We rolled off Christmas like it wasn't no thing and are ready for more Imperial Assault! WE CAN'T STOP!

This episode is designed to give newer players a crash course in building a competitive command deck. JK and Kenny give a quick overview of the basics for building a solid command deck and discuss command deck staples--cards that are not faction or archetype specific--and then move on to talk about building a command deck for certain archetypes--scum hunters, jedi, etc.--and finally conclude with command cards that correspond with unique figures.

Each segment involves classifying cards into one of three tiers, Tier 1, Tier 2, or Tier 3. The classifications are not concrete or precise, but are intended to help players get a general understanding as to how good certain cards are. Certain players will value certain cards higher.

For additional command deck resources, please check out:

http://tabletopadmiral.com/imperialassault/ which is an amazing listbuilder and card reference, and

http://cards.boardwars.eu/ for a database on all cards and expansions.


If you want to join us on the Slack Channel, send an email to zionsfinestia@gmail.com and we will get your invite in the mail immediately!

Thank you for listening!

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