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Visualizing the Sol Sixxa danger zone

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After I read nice post Visualizing the Crimson Specialist danger zone I have an idea - what can do scum badasses?


So welcome Sol Sixxa special edition:

Sol Sixxa (28)
Lightning Reflexes (1)
Autoblaster Turret (2)
Extra Munitions (2)
Proximity Mines (3)
Proximity Mines (3)
Advanced Sensors (3)
R4-E1 (1)
Havoc (0)

Total: 43

View in Yet Another Squad Builder

It was too hard to visualize his ability on the real table, so I used TTS.

So - where can be Proximity mine in one maneuver?


(there is almost all variants, only without lighting reflexes after 1- and 2-non turns maneuvers). 63 bomb tokens total :-)

So he can bomb:

  • before maneuver
  • after any of it's maneuver (1 banks+straight, 2 turns+banks+stright, 3 turns+banks+straight, 3 tallon roll, 4 straight, 5 straight)
  • [with Lightning reflexes, once] after any non-red maneuver after rotate (reds is 3 t, 5 s, tallon rolls).



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Wonder how long it will be until we get a pilot with ability 'Before the 'Place Forces' step, you may place mine tokens of any kind anywhere on the board. They will go off at the end of the 'Place Forces' step with any damage dealt to ships before the game starts.

I mean seriously that's a bubble the size of 1/4 of the standard game table.

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