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Tie Silencer issue

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So a friend and I are playing,

Tie Silencer w/


They PTL'd focused and target lock receive stress.

When my ship became active they used THREAT TRACKER to barrel roll. 

I was under the impression that if a ship is stressed it cannot perform any actions, even free actions.

Am I correct for no THREAT TRACKER due to stress.

Or is my friend correct THREAT TRACKER to barrel roll while stressed.


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6 hours ago, HanScottFirst said:

Random, if you only took 1 action during the activation phase, I'm pretty sure you could PTL off of the Threat Tracker action.

That could be cool, boost and barrel roll during the combat phase

Yes, you could take just the single action and trigger the PtL off the boost or barrel roll action from Threat Tracker, but remember that PtL restricts your action to only those on your action bar.

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