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End of the game

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I was wondering when the game officially ends. The rules aren't 100% helping me so i might as well ask u guys.


1. The game ends whenever a player has sufficient influence to win. This could make some games shortish if you have 2 of the same VP cards based on a faction advancing more than thr other


2. The game ends when a faction reaches its end goal. At that time the player see who has sufficient VP to determine a winner (or multiple winners). This leaves room for longer games and allows players to make a come back if their faction isnt doing well in the beginning. 


What do you guys think ?

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If you look at Page 9 of the Rules reference, it says, “When a survivor reaches the required amount of influence, he or she declares victory and reveals his or her agenda cards. That survivor wins the game.”

That’s it. There’s no waiting for factions to do anything in particular.

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2 minutes ago, mwmcintyre said:

I believe the game also ends when a faction reaches its end goal.

You are absolutely correct, that is another possibility. I was focused on trying to answer the original question.

Just to be comprehensive then, if a faction reaches its end goal, generally speaking all players lose, however, if the advance along the faction track permitted a survivor (or survivors) to reach their influence goal, they have won. (Page 7 in the Rules Reference).

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