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Rating The Last Jedi

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On 12/26/2017 at 4:02 PM, "Quickdraw" said:

Rate TLJ from one to ten, no explenations, just numbers.


6 hours ago, Jadotch said:

I don't like the 1-10 grading system. (5 is technically average, but everyone sees it as a negative.)

C+ (5.5?)

The OP didn’t actually set parameters for the scale. So I’ll play with it for the sake of your aversion and my amusement.

If 5 is a reference point, and the scale is progressive in both directions, then we could make a statement like this:

Assume X = the participant’s arbitrarily chosen rating number. 

If X > 5 OR X < 5, then the participant enjoyed The Last Jedi.

If X = 5 then the participant did not enjoy The Last Jedi. 

Fun with numbers. This from the guy who failed algebra twice. 

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1-10 is pretty skewed these days. The spaces between digits isn't proportional, likely because most of us grew up with 0-100% grading system (ie 70=C, 80=B, etc). The difference between 20 and 60 is still an F. 

I like # of stars better. A 2* movie can still be a decent movie. But a 4/10 movie just somehow seems so much worse.

3.5, maybe 4

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