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19 minutes ago, Funk Fu master said:

Liea or Reikaan is going to be the couterpoint to veers when the announce, as they will have to release at the same time for balance.

And I have a feeling they will be defensive support to Veers offensive support. I am guessing passing out dodges to nearby squads and either some sort of deployable squad shield, or a Y-Wing Ion Bomb strike command card (to counter Veers AT-AT Maximum Firepower)

It will be Leia. She was mentioned in the same magazine as Veers

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General: Darth Vader with Saber Throw, Battle Meditation & Force Choke

Squad 1: Stormtrooper with DLT-19, Stormtrooper, Targeting Scopes

Squad 2: Stormtrooper with DLT-19, Stormtrooper, Targeting Scopes

Squad 3: Stormtrooper with HH-12, Stormtrooper, Targeting Scopes

Support: 74-Z Speeder with Long Range Comm-Link

Heavy: AT-ST with Commanding Presence, Comms Jammer

790 / 800 points so 10 points extra to spend on the AT-ST when more in known about the extra attacks it will be able to make with the missiles and mortar 

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