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What expansions would you like to see next?

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RayGuns said:

VolksCamper said:


Redesigned hedgerow map sections (hedges along hexsides instead of in middle of hex),hex tiles with edge stone walls



I was actually shocked a little that they didn't run hedges along hexsides. When the Normandy expansion came out, that was one of my biggest complaints. Also by using hexsides, they can introduce fences and walls. But currently, they way they do things is that each "hex" is a terrain type.

As for limiting the number of units that can perform a Combined Fire, I actually like this. Limit number of units in a Combined Fire attack to 2 units for green or untrained troops, 3 units normal or regular troops, and 4 for veteran or elite troops. Though, I would still make a Combined Fire attack one action regardless of the number of units that participate. That way it doesn't mess up the game mechanics. Also if you only have two actions per turn, how would you fire three units in a Combined Fire?



Well, IMO, the reason to have each unit in a CF have to be given a fire action, is because each unit is  essentially doing the same thing they would be doing if firing separately at the enemy unit targeted. CF is just a way of speeding up the process of rolling dice by making it a single attack die roll.

But even limiting CF still does not prevent the inevitable overkill problem that is a result of having a turn concluded only when ALL the units of each player have been fatigued or in Opfire.. This causes some odd tactics,like player with extra units, can move trucks first, expending several actions, forcing the opposing player to have to waste some actions, or place units in OP fire mode. Its called the "cannonfodder" tactic, and it is similar in respects to the PanzerBlitz oddity of trucks being allowed to spot and to block enemy combat units.

Memoir 44 game avoided this by using the card system for ordering units each turn, and only a very few cards allow for the player to move nearly all his units in a single turn. So in games with one side having 2 to 1 superior numbers or more, there is a still a reasonable chance for the lesser force player,because the card system introduces a kind an ebb and flow. 

I have been using Memoir 44 cards now, and with a few optional rules for defining units and movement/combat values, I have converted my Tide of Iron into a kind of game similar to M44 Breakthrough expansion. It is easier, has more types of units, and trucks and halftracks are "attached" which converts a unit into a motorized or mechanized unit.  


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I haven't played memoir 44, but another solution to the 'can do whatever they want thingy' is to give the US 3 actions per turn and the german 2 action per turn.


Another thing is the trucks which could definitvely need some love. After the initial 'bring the men to the front' they have only gamy uses. Spotting for mortars, taking objectives, wasting turns, etc. Some idées to improve them includes:

-couple them to supply deck or something.  Once a truck with goods enters a hex with infanteri you may replace up to 4 infanteri with 2 MGs or 2 Mortars (or a combination).  Another could bring flamethrowers or bazzokas. (1 truck= 1 specilization) To reload, go to 'exit'

-Once 3 trucks have entered the correct hex, side X gains 'place barbed wire operation card'

-Give command for trucks reaching 'base of operations'

-Give command point for exiting the map

-Out of ammo scenario: your infanteri may not fire (or do limit nr. concentreated fire) before ammo reaches them.



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Tide is well packed for Western and Eastern European theatre, that is if you explore the many contributions the fans have made. For example:

• Rules for new vehicles and nations, such as those available from Bordgame Geek

• Scenarios that are interesting, historical, well balanced

• Campaign contributions and experience

I really love this game. You get such a buzz for history playing WWII games. After introducing my son to Squad Leader, I wondered how I ever managed to play it when I was younger? The tiny chits are really fiddly and difficult to look under stacks etc. Then your stack falls over or the wayward dice roll comes right through your guards counterattack. We had to play quite a bit of the old squadie too befre a single tank arrived on the scene.

Tide is a great improvement here. Big Hexes, big pieces. Granted the figures are a bit of a struggle, but not too bad. Its a real system, not just a game. 

Of course the game is different flavor and a little less reliant on platoon line formations and machine gun cross-fires. However I really do prefer figures over chits and the large hex maps are great. I have Game, Scenario Book, extra boards plus Normandy. I replaced armor with 1:144, except I kept the panzer IVs, Opel Blitz and half-tracks. I can field full armored battalions now, 45 tanks a side however most games are on the company level, like Squad leader.

I have added 1:76 Matchbox brits and use these for Normandy games. I have landing craft, LCT, mini-diorama wire, entrenchments, pillboxes and bunker emplacements. It is obvious the game needs more play-testing, that's great. I am hoping that Fantasy Flight hasn't finished with product. In this period of economic downturn I guess it is difficult to invest in new products. However Fantasy Flight could be smart here, run a subscription site for instance. Also, they could sell the game boards and pieces separately, i.e. the Fox, Normandy and Fury Boards. i think many of us would consider larger maps etc.

The game system is already huge! Now it needs to be played.

Product-wise it needs a new Scenario Book II (featuring Normandy & Fury of the Bear). And it should include an addendum including:

1. A point buy system for every component in the game

2. Tournament game rules, to encourage club gaming etc ( I like the rules much more than Flames of War)

3. Campaign settings and maps that include sequences or rules for chains of smaller games

4. Tank rules for facing, tank-riders and cover

As for city rubble boards, upstairs and downstairs etc, blockbusting and all that, I agree with earlier posts and admit i would like to see that too. But not as much as a tournament! I feel that Fantasy Flight should seriously consider selling components though, the boards, packs of tanks and especially infantry! Keep the game alive! It doesn't deserve to stay on the shelf!



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