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The Whisperer in Darkness - Jim Culver - All Purple All The Time

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Manfromleng sits in for a session with Jim Culver as part of The Arkham Chronicle's All Purple All The Time challenge.

Four podcast - The Arkham Chronicle, Mythosbusters, Drawn to the Flame and The Whisperer in Darkness - built four Mystics decks to play together as a team. The Jim Culver deck is at https://youtu.be/MZKQBDHm7-E


You can find the other decks at:

Marie Lambeau - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-LOUiOyWnSI
Agnes Baker - https://mythosbusterspodcast.wordpress.com/
Akachi Onyele - drawntotheflamepodcast.blogspot.com
Do four Mystics have a chance or is it a case of too many sorcerers spoil the spell? Check out the decks and let us know how we did!. Contact manfromleng@gmail.com.

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You have some really good reviews. I ended up binge watching your stuff over the Christmas weekend. I learned a lot and look forward to more of your content. Keep up the good work!

As someone who does a lot of audio recording though I have to admit the extra noise I hear in the audio drives me nuts. Maybe consider getting a good mike (I've got a Blue Yeti and it seems to work well enough for me) and a plosives filter.

Also sometimes the mouse appears in your presentations. I rely on the enter button when transitioning between slides, and for those times when it does accidentally appear you should edit those parts out.

Humble Bundle has a sale on software for video that you may want to consider purchasing. There's a whole bunch of professional quality video and sound software on sale for $20. (Vegas Pro is apparently extremely good and there's software that helps remove unwanted noise in audio in the bundle.) The sale ends in 21 hours. https://www.humblebundle.com/software/vegas-pro-creative-freedom

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