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Mahkim mentioned by FFG

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The fans of the old Diskwars game have made mention on these forums of the faction called the Mahkim. They are a four-armed, amphibious, tribal people. I was stunned, however, to see that FFG also mentioned them in the insert for the Uthuk Y'llan Infantry Command Unit Upgrade Expansion.

"In desperation, the people of Mennara forged an alliance against the nightmarish threat. Led by Timmorran Lokander, the greatest wizard to ever walk the land, the armies of Dwarves, Elves, Humans, and the secretive Mahkim struck into the heart of the demonic horde."

I think that's the first time since Diskwars that FFG have written the name of this race in their Terrinoth  products (though I haven't played Descent or Runebound, so I can't be sure). It stood out to me when I read it tonight and it makes me wonder if they're toying with the idea of releasing Mahkim for Runewars.

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