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Library stack order and facing

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Ok, got the game today and played a round with the family. When it talked about the library (just a few sentences about it), I was trying to figure out how to arrange them numerically and the facing of the cards and if it was stacked face up or face down.

So, point #1, if I have the cards facing me, should they be 1 through 159 or the opposite?

Point #2, when I place the library on the table, should it be face up or face down?

This now relates to encounters that have you add cards from the library by taking the top matching card backs from the top of the library equal to the number of players and shuffling them together before placing them on an encounter deck.

My interpretation is: numbered 1-159 if facing me, then placing them face down so the card #1 can not be read, meaning card 159 is at the "top" of the library. Then, after you search for the specific card number referenced to add, you then go down from 159 looking at the card backs until you find the proper amount of cards to add to an encounter deck.

Any input is welcomed.



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You only ever take one card at a time out of the library and only the card that matches the number in the "Add XXX" line. 


For example, if you are told to "Add 111" then you take card 111 from the library and look at it's card back. Then you take a number of cards equal to the players FROM THE MATCHING ENCOUNTER DECK and shuffle those together. Adding the new stack back on top of the encounter deck.  You are, in effect, mixing the newly added card with the top starting encounter cards just so you find that card earlier than if you put it on the bottom. 


So, it doesn't really matter whether the library is face up or face down although I do mine face down split into two piles, 1-100 and 101+

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