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[DH1] Some Q&A I had with a producer about Disciples of the Dark Gods (Questions 61-70)

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61. On Table 4-4 Greater Entity, what would you say should be the bounds of a unique power? Admittedly going off of the qualities that already exist you can possibly outright kill should we base them off of those limits?
———— > Totally up to the GM. Could be a mixture of bits from several existing attributes even. 
62. On Table 4-5 Screaming, what if the wielder already has Fear 1? Does it increase a further level? Or is the effect moot?
———— > Latter. 
63. On Table 4-5 Mind Leech, what id the difficult of the WP test, or is it an opposed test by the weapon's will?
——— > No difficulty listed, so it’s a straight up roll vs the value. 
64. On Table 4-5 Vampiric, what is the number of maximum wounds recoverable? Is it merely to the full wound threshold? Or does it keep going with temporary wounds that wear off in time?
———— > Regain means you can’t get more than you have lost, so you can’t go above your threshold. 
65. Does Holocaust of Torment go through Toughness Bonus as well?
———— > Doesn’t say so, so no. 
66. Would you file Dybuk under the general From Beyond section of Aliens, Heretics & Antagonists or the more specific Daemonhost section?
——— > Daemonhost. I’d generally class those as From Beyond as a daemon is involved. 
67. How long does it take for a Dybuk's body to destroy itself, since it won't do so through combat without Warp Instability?
———— > It takes as long as would be dramatically appropriate :)
68. Is there a minimum result for the Halving the Fellowship result on the creation of the Dybuk?
———— > It can’t go below 0, but other than that just divide by two and round down. 
69. What does it mean when it says "inappropriate results" on choosing major or minor mutations for a Dybuk creation? Is it basically no repeats, which I'd assume are rerolled anyways so i don't know why it'd be mentioned? Or is it stating GM choice?
———— > The latter - if you rolled something that just didn’t fit into the nature of that dybuk, then ignore and roll again. Ditto really for any roll like this for NPCs. 
70. Wondering what's up with the Movement Rate of the Rakasya? Statted at 5/10/-/-, but I can't see a reason why. It's AB is 3 crawler would half that to 1.5 even supposing rounding up that'd be 2, and Enormous adds 2 which gives us 4, so i'm not seeing where 5 comes from. Nor do I see why there's no run or charge.
———— > NPCs can always break the rules for calculated things like Movement, so go with the stats (though of course GM can alter them as desired). 

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