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New Fan Made Race Cards Expansion

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Hi Everybody,

God, how I love WFRP 3e. To me it's like the Firefly (TV Show) of RPGs. It burnt bright for a short time and died way prematurely with (the few) fans wanting more.
Since my group and I started playing the game again I wanted to fill in some of the missing elements.
For example: Race Cards!  Since Hero's Call came out we have 18 different starting "Races" including all the different Empire provinces. Each with different traits and background. Since none of this information is available on cards it significantly slowed down our character creation and the single session we had already, having to look up stuff in the books. This proved to be very annoying. This is WFRP 3e goddammit!!  
So instead of creating dozens of different cards for each race I designed the folllowing "expension". It has 18 different cards, one for each published race. Each card has all game related stats on the front of it and the Race's background on the back (similar to the Career sheet's logic).
The race card fits perfectly between the Character sheet and the Career sheet like so:

Some races have special abilities that can only be used once or at specific situations -  these races' cards have a special area at the bottom to place a tracking token when this ability is used.

Here's a dropbox folder with all finished race cards. I hope this helps the 40 people that still play this game :) or is it more? Anyway, enjoy:

JPEG version:

PDF version:


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