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Ghoul and Far Harbor

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9 hours ago, mwmcintyre said:

Nope. In fact, every rad it suffers actually heals its health instead. The rad marker should be permanently stuck at zero.  The trade-off is that his max health is 12 instead of 16.

We played a game, my GF took the Ghoul and she kept dying. She whinged and bitched the whole game saying the Ghoul was the worst character in the game, we didn't finish the game. We played another game yesterday with me as the Ghoul and she was the power armour guy. We finished the game and I just lost by one point however I didn't die once yet she died one time. This is what I workedout about the Ghoul -

1) He's best played by an experienced player.

2) Armour is a priority (like most characters).

3) He's weak at the start of the game but as the game goes on and other characters are taking rads he ends up being the healthiest character.

4) He's easy to heal, just run through radiation or fight irradiated enemies plus water and meat give him extra health.

5) When enemies have to choose a target they usually have to target someone else because of their health.

So to summarise he's weak at the start but his end game ends up very strong strong you just have to keep him alive. He's not a fighter but a mischief maker running around causing trouble.

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Hmm, we play that the Ghoul is allowed to suffer rads it just doesn't hurt them the way it hurts others. If the Ghoul wasn't allowed to complete quests that required the taking of rads wouldn't that severely limit their ability to win the game otherwise?

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