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Range Increments and actual distance

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1 hour ago, TheWanderingJewels said:

I'm looking all over the PDF because I know I'll get player questions on this. is there a distance conversion table for this. I know I'm over looking something.

Thank you


Table, no. Page 166, right column, BODY TEXT... which can be converted to a table as follows:

0 Arm's  Reach (≤1 m)
1 Sword (1m —-2m)
2 Spear (3m — 4m)
3 Throw (5m — 10m)
4 Bow (11m — 100m)
5 Volley (100m — "Several Hundred" meters)
6 Sight (Several hundred meters to about 4.7 km)

Note that the Updates add an optional gridded, which implies 2m grids (about 6'6")

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