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RoockieBoy goes to the Gastro-Regional in Asturias (SPAIN)

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Hi guys! It's been a while since I last put up a batrep here, so I wanted to show how I did in the first Regional of the 2018 Season.

Here's the list I used:




      While it's not very top-tier, the list has a lot of tricks, and I have a blast flying it. Jake can do "FIVE actions" (Focus,BR,Focus,Boost,Evade) thanks to both his ability and Intensity, and is very much able to flip it back every turn. Corran hits like a truck, and Ahsoka helps him survive via extra actions/focus tokens.

Some people dropped, and we ended up being 66 players. Not bad. 


First Round vs Juan Antonio Iglesias Naredo (Asajj/Nym):

Asajj, PTL, Gyroscopic, Title, Latts, Burnout Slam, Rigged cargo

Nym, VI, FCS, Title, Bomblets, Genius, Chips, TLT, HM, EM




Ahsoka and Corran turn right, while Jake flanks zooming forwards.


      I start going for Asajj, as I really hate her in the end game. Nym tries to get Jake with a 4 dice primary, but Jake saves all as Nym had to BR to get arc. Asajj drops the Rigged cargo but only Ahsoka hits it. Corran gets in a really good R1 position, and between Jake's Prockets (3 blanks, hit, crit), and Corran's attack, I strip all shields and get 2 crits through on Asajj. (Weapons disabled token shouldn't be there, as I finally I didn't do the double tap as I was stressed by Asajj, and had used my focus, so I wouldn't be able to fully modify).


One of the crits was structural damage.


In exchange, I only lose one shield on Jake


      Next turn Asajj does 1 forward trying to make Corran bump, but I had dialed a 1 straight and it fit by a hair's width. I BRd to my left to stay out of her auxiliary arc, and a double tap later that was the end of Asajj. That BR was huge, as it let me keep Expertise and not get shot by Asajj. Jake got stressed by Asajj, but didn't suffer any damage. Corran lost 2 shields due to Nym's TLT.


      Next turn Corran did a 3 turn to try and make Nym bump, or at least, get inside R1 to avoid the Homing Missiles. Nym had to go for Jake instead, and Corran ate a genius bomblet, so Nym had to discard the EM token. 


Jake lost his last shield and got a crit, but luckily it wasn't a direct hit


Next turn he got Jake with the bomblet, but had to discard it to drop it with Genius. 


He also did 2 damage to Ahsoka with the TLT.


 Ahsoka died next turn.


    So as his Nym is worth 49 points and Corran is 47 he's leading on points with only 10 minutes on the clock! We start chasing around and I do double taps whenever I have him in arc even if it's at R3. With regen and 3 agility I burn him a lot faster...


a few turns later he's into hull..


With little time on the clock I'm able to get him in arc at R3 and do the double tap. Finally Nym bits the dust.

Win 100-53



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Round 2 vs Nacho Marugan (Asajj/2x TLT Y-Wings).

Did I mention I hate Asajj? Well here we go again!

Asajj, Expertise, Latts, Gyroscopic, GS, Title

2x Unhinged TLT Y-Wings


Scum ships deploy on his left side, and move forward along the board edge.


Jake flanks, Corran baits, and Ahsoka plays merry-go-round the asteroid


A few turns later we go into combat. I purposedly bumped Corran into Asajj with a 5s, so she wouldn't have any shots. Even if Asajj shut down Expertise, Ahsoka vould give Corran 3 focuses via Jyn Erso. Jake is a bit far so no prockets.


Between Corran and Jake I only do 2 shields to the yellow Y-Wing. Both Y-wings go after Corran, but I come out unscathed.


      Next turn yellow Y-Wing loses its last shield going 4s through the asteroid. Brown Y-Wing does a 2 bank left. Corran does a 1s to clear stress, and a BR to get into both TLTs doughnut hole. Ahsoka gives Corran 2 focuses thanks to Jyn. Jake gets into R1 of the brown Y-Wing, as Corran blocks Jake's BR to his right. Split fire it is...


      Prockets fail again (3 blanks, focus, hit), so brown Y-Wing only loses 2 shields. Asajj does 1 damage to Corran but I don't care much as I still have one focus for the regen. I completely forgot about the title, and Asajj BRs Corran to the left, attempting to get him outside of R1 of the TLTs. Luckily for me only the brown one could shoot, and it was obstructed, so I only lost 1 more shield. The bad news were that Asajj had stressed Corran, so I couldn't do the K-turn.


Corran regens one more shield.


Brown Y-wing lost 2 shields, and the Yellow one is on 4 hull.


      A few turns later Corran is back intoe the fray, full shielded. He tries to finish the Yellow Y-Wing. Jake goes for the brown one with a R1 shot. As Corran is full health both Asajj and the yellow Y-wing go after Jake.


I blank a bit and Jake is almost dead! Corran loses a shield from the brown Y-wing.


Corran's double tap finishes the Yellow Y-wing


      Next turn Asajj tries to finish the 1 hull Jake, but range 3 with thrusters, through a rock and full of tokens, it's hard. A lucky 5-evade throw also helps!


      Time runs out and we're on our last turn. If Jake survives there's no way i'm losing this. I try to kill the last Y-wing to get more MOV but I fail to do so. Jake goes 5s, boost and BR and is way out of range.


Win 25-0

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Round three vs Armando Castro (Jonus, 2x TLT Agressors, ICT Agressor).

Jonus, Adaptability, Twin Ion Engine, Prox Mine

2x TLT Agressors with LWF

1x Agressor with Ion Cannon Turret, LWF


My deployment:


Enemy deployment:


Jake flanks as usual. Corran and Ahsoka bank left.


Getting closer...


      First combat round Jake ends up R1 of all the Agressors, ready to procket one of them. Ahsoka gives Corran THREE focuses thanks to Jyn Erso, and Corran evades. Luckily for me, the Ion Cannon Turret Agressor can't target Corran, as he's R3. That rock ahead of Corran would have been problematic...


      Jake gets 4 damage on the prockets (we're getting better hehe), but LWF and focus saves 2, so 1 shield and 1 damage for the ICT Agressor. Corran does 3 damage and he evades one, so is alive on 1 hull.


      ICT Agressor goes for Jake who evades the shot. Corran loses 2 shields to the 2 TLTs, but is able to recover 1 shield with R5-P9.

Corran double taps and finishes the wounded agressor.


      Jake gets behind the enemy in R1 of one of the TLTs, but is in an awkward position because of Jonus' prox mine... Corran runs to regen last shield. Jake gets a crit on Jonus which is a Direct Hit.


      Next turn I tried my best to avoid the prox mine. I thought Jonus would do 1 straight, so I chose a 2 Straight. With boost and BR I could still get behind them. But Jonus did 1 bank, and after he dropped the mine I figured out my 2 Straight would make me overlap the mine, so I decided to activate plan B, which was trying to activate Jake's ability via Jyn Erso before his movement, that's why Ahsoka had dialed a 1 turn left.


      It would have been awesome, but it didn't work out, as even with the BR and the boost, I still hit the bomb... I rolled 2 damage on the mine, so I lost both shields.


At least I was able to token up before hitting the mine. And I also ended up in R1 of one TLT so it wasn't too bad


Despite having AT and 2 focuses, Jonus' rerolls were super effective aand I ended up suffering 1 damage on Jake.


      Next turn Corran tries to come back full throttle, but is still far. Jonus tries to bump Jake, but I'm able to avoid it, and plink a few damage on the Agressor.


Next turn Corran is back, and between jake and Corran's double tap I leave the 2nd Agressor on 1 hull. Jake survives all incoming fire.


Next turn is the last one, and Jake is able to finish the wounded Agressor, while getting into R1 of the other. Jonus can't finish jake so I get another win.


Win 49-0

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      So after the lunch break me and my buddy Er dudu are both 3-0, so we try to calculate the possibilities of facing each other, and we end up almost certain it's not too probable. Never tell me the odds...

Round 4 vs Er dudu (Asajj/Bossk)


      Not another Asajj please... Well, Er dudu and I have faced 3 or 4 times in different store tournaments, and he's always beaten me. He is a better player (he taught me how to play the game), and he really knows how to play his list. Spoiler ahead, he ended up getting into Top8!

He also has both ships beautifully painted!


My deployment:


Jake zooms up trying to get on Bossk's tail. Ahsoka and Corran slow roll... He zooms in very fast.

       Next turn Jake is already behind Bossk's firing arc. Bossk tried to TL Corran but was still far. I am pretty sure Corran's 1 straight will get me into R3 of Bossk, which I don't want at all. So after I move I go for the TL, and we're at R3 by a hair's width. As I don't want to be fired yet I use Ahsoka's free action to BR back. So I got a free TL for next turn!


      Next turn the pain begins... Corran evades, but is at R1 of a focused Asajj and a TL+Expertise Bossk. Jake is in a great position to unload the prockets into Bossk.


Asajj shuts down Corran's expertise, so I use Jyn Erso to give him a focus. (Not that I'm planning to use it on attack hehe)

      Prockets finally get max damage and Bossk blanks, so he loses 5 shields. Corran does 2 hits and a crit, and Bossk blanks again! To make matters worse for my opponent, the crit is a direct hit!


    Bossk attacks Corran with his primary and does 2 hits and 2 crits. I roll good greens and get evade, evade, focus. Zuckuss forces me to reroll the two evades, and I get evade, blank. I spend the focus and the evade, and only the crit goes through, which he doubles with Bossk's ability, so I lose 2 shields.

Asajj rolls 2 blanks and 2 hits, so her focus is useless. I evade one, so I only lose the 3 shields this round. Corran lives!


As Asajj did one damage, she tractors me to the left.


Next turn Asajj banks and drops the Rigged Cargo right next to Corran.


      Bossk dials a green to take 2 stresses off with inspiring recruit, but is very unlucky, and rolls a crit on the debris! Another direct hit!


So Bossk is almost gone, and the game is going really good for me. My dice are hot, unlike my buddy's.

Corran did a 5 straight to get distance and regen, and I miss the debris by a milimiter! Jake turns behind Bossk and is able to get into R2, and Ahsoka gives him a free TL.


I do 2 damage and Bossk doesn't evade so he dies.


Now Asajj has to get it all done!


Asajj is all the time doing focus+evade, and with Latts it's really hard to get any damage through.


Corran regens 1 shield


I am able to take 2 shields off Asajj...


While Corran tries to get back to full health


The game ends a few turns later and I'm unable to get half points on Asajj by just one damage.


For the 3rd time in 4 games, I didn't lose a single ship.

Win 49-0

Edited by RoockieBoy

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Round 5 vs Morfeo (QD, Vader, Inq)


(The list is missing PATTERN ANNALYZER on QD. It was 100p)

Wow that's one big alpha strike! Bad pairing, as All ships can out maneuver me, and shoot Ahsoka.

Enemy deploys on his left side, and starts moving forwards...


Jake goes as fast as always, while Corran and Ahsoka turn left 


I try to bait them with Jake and I turn left with him, but they don't fall for it, and Jake spends 2 turns turning around the asteroid.

      Inquisitor does a 5 forward ans is able to TL Corran by a hair's width, ready to unload a 5 dice Cruise Missile, but Ahsoka gives Corran a free BR and he is now out of range.


      Next turn I try to surprise my opponent with a 3 turn right on Corran, right next to the asteroid. I end up at R1 of the Inquisitor, and at R2 of QD and Vader, who bumps the Inq. QD TLs Corran, and Inq switches TL to Ahsoka.

Seeing a cruise missile coming into Ahsoka, I decide to sacrifice her and spend her focus in a free focus action for Corran.


Ahsoka eats a 4 dice Cruise, and bits the dust...


Really good greens on Corran means I come out unscathed. Corran's double tap kills the Inquisitor. 


      Next turn Jake finally joins the fight, but is stil far from procket range. With very few places to go with Corran, I decide to try to make them bump, and dial a hard 2 to the left, landing on the small rock. A 3 turn wouldn't haf fit, and I couldn't fire this turn so I didn't care much. Luckily I didn't take damage from the rock.


      Vader did a surprising 4k and missed the rock I thought he would hit. QD misses my block but has to shoot from the rear. Vader misses and I only los 1 shield to QD.

Next turn I k-turn with Corran and Jake gets into R1 of Vader, who tokens up. QD does a 3 segnor and TLs Jake with PA.


QD fires a 4 dice Cruise into Jake, but thanks to AT, focus and evade, I take 0 damage. Vader gets 3 damage on Jake so I have to spend focus evade.

    I have to decide wether to fire the prockets now or wait for another chance, and I finally decide to go for it. Prockets fail horribly as in all my games except 4th round and I get 3 blanks, focus, hit. I decide to spend the focus to try and make Vader burn some tokens as Corran is at R2 and will try to double tap.

Vader evades both and doesn't spend anything. Corran double taps and Vader is unscathed.


A few turns later Corran has recovered 1 shield, so he has 2 shields by now. Jake tries to block and bite, but nothing too relevant happens.


A few turns later I'm running away with Corran and they're pursuing me. I decide to K-turn as I didn't expect Vader's 5 straight through a rock...

Vader loses a shield and is actionless, but he already had the TL on Corran from a few turns before, so a 5 dice cruise missile is fired, getting 3 hits and 2 crits. I get blank, blank, focus in my naked greens, and Corran bits the dust, as QD had plinked one shield at R3...


From there on winning becomes impossible, so I try to run away with Jake to preserve some valuable MOV. Time is called and Jake lives.

Loss 30-68

      So after 5 Rounds I'm 4-1, and even though I haven't lost much ships in my previous games, I haven't killed much, so my MOV isn't great. I need to win Round 5 to make sure I hit Top 16, but even if I lose, I might still have a chance...


Round 6 vs Igor Rodenas (Whisper, QD, OL)

      Another pairing I wanted to avoid... I didn't take pictures as our game was streamed... If you're interested, the link is here (my game starts at the 3h 15 minutes).

If you don't feel like watching it (there's no audio), here's what happened...

I win the roll for initiative and I keep it, to fire at Whisper uncloaked. Maybe I shouldn't have done that... Anyway I go for Omega Leader, but QD ends up at R1 of a full tokened Jake and R2 of Corran, so I decide to try and take her out. I succeed, as QD dies with the exact damage needed, but Jake has lost 2 shields due to QD's double attack, and is in an awkward position for next turn.

Next turn OL blocks the obvious 1 turn from Jake but I'm confident I can escape in the combat phase thanks to Ahsoka's free action. Whisper gets into R1 of Jake. We measure the distance and Ahsoka is just out of R1 by sooo little so no actions for Jake, and he's out.

Whisper and OL kill Corran a few turns later and Ahsoka can't survive fire of that magnitude...

Loss 33-100

      Top 16 is called and I'm short of 23 points... Remember the game where I just had to do 1 more damage to get half points on Asajj? That would have given me 25 points... Crap. Well, I really enjoyed the tournament, and hope to come back next year.

Hope you enjoyed the batrep.


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