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Johan Marek Phoenix Knight

The OmniSphere: Earth Omega, Nightmare Earth

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Its time to unveil the third setting in the OmniSphere, Earth Omega!  This version of earth is a world where darkness reigns, as the world has been plunged into an Endless Night, the once proud cities of man have fallen to the hunger of the Dead, and most of the surviving members of humanity have become Cattle for the vampric Lords of Night, and even the wilds are not safe, as dark and angry Fae battle aggressively to destroy anything that defiles their woodland home. This is a horror/apocalypse/survival setting for Genesys, and I am excited to see what you guys think of it. Please give me whatever feedback you can, criticisms and all. I want to get this ready to be played!

The OmniSphere: Earth Omega, Nightmare Earth

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