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Genesys Talents Expanded

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11 hours ago, TheSapient said:

I'm very happy you have been enjoying the results of this project.  We've talked it over some more, and are content to let GTE be a finished and final product as is.  GTE was created to provide tables with a broader range of options when Genesys was new, and resources were scarce,  With the large number of official FFG talents now available, and the massive amount of community created content, the need for GTE is greatly reduced.

For those looking for a complete and actively updated list of official Genesys talents, I refer you to DrainSmith's Dispensary of Everything You Need.

Thanks you for all the enthusiasm.  We do appreciate it.

Thanks for the link; those are interesting resources. 

As you are done with this, is it ok if we build on what you have started to create the "ultimate Genesys talent database"? That could even be exported into a PDF for people that like PDFs with official looks (once you have the right data, you can generate almost anything).

Personally, I love playing Star Wars with Genesys instead of skill trees, so I extensively use your work for my ISB campaign. Instead of only maintaining it for myself, I could, with some help, maintain the thing for everyone.

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On 12/11/2019 at 7:32 PM, drainsmith said:

This should help out any future efforts.

Here are the current published talents as JSON


For some reason I did not get the notification for your reply.

That said, once I complete the revamp/improvements that I'm doing to my campaign website (like generating NPC cards dynamically), I'll compare your JSON with mine and see if I can come up with something more maintainable and shareable, that could be useful to the community.

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