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Hi all,

I'm still fairly new to DMing and need some advice.


I'm currently looking at running a Supers game with a few friends. One player wants to be effectively the Hulk. 

At the moment I'm thinking failing certain checks will trigger the green guy appearing with a follow-up check to regain player control.

My question for the forum is how to stat out the transformation, without giving the player easy access to both an intelligent scientist and raging brawler and, therefore, an advantage over other players.


Other players are looking like a sort-of proto-ironman and a magic user Knight, lost in time.

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This came up earlier on the forums and most people suggested using the Mongrel archetype from the book or taking it and slightly altering the stats on it. I just started reading my copy, so it won't be a while before I personally have a suggestion, just wanted to throw out what I've read here.

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