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gelatinouse octohedron

list of poisons, and poisoner talents

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I like these a lot.

My one thought is that the potent potions might be a little too strong. You could make them all unranked and leave them at their current tier or increase the tier of the base and enhanced by 1 to keep them ranked. Stacking setback and upgrades seems very strong.

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On 12/19/2017 at 6:02 PM, gelatinouse octohedron said:


this is a list I created for my home game. the hope is that it is generic enough for almost any system,  I appreciate feedback on balance.

I may be wrong, but I believe Formidable is a difficulty of 5 purple dice, yet on your chart you have it cheaper to craft than Daunting which is 4 purple dice.

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You are sticking close to some of the examples we have from SWRPG, which is good (I'm doing the same thing from a slightly different angle, as you'll see below). If it ain't broke, don't fix it... And follow the pattern.

I'm using abilities for animal adversaries with different kinds of venom and other toxins. The only big changes are that they are all ranked, difficulty of the Resilience check depends on the rank, and damage in turn depends on number of Failures resulting from the Resilience check. These changes give me more levers to pull when designing stats for various creature adversaries: I can give one snake more dangerous neurotoxin or venom than another without adding extra abilities. These four follow the same basic pattern.

Setting up poisons and toxins as sort-of mods for weapons, which is what you're doing, might benefit from a similar poison/toxin ranking scheme, though I don't think exactly the same. It gives the player more levers to pull and more things to shoot for when brewing/crafting poisons. The screenshot of my own partial work is here mostly for your further inspiration.


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Paragraph structure could use some work to bring it in line with the books and make it clear. you're suffering from Random capitalization of Words syndrome.

Extended Poisons cuts off suddenly, but I assume it reads "per rank of Extended Poisons."

Potent Poisons (Enhanced) and (Master) should be (Improved) and (Supreme).

@Doctor Xerox is correct in saying that your have the Formidable and Daunting difficulties mixed up.

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These are nice! A few suggestions: I think you can ditch the Poison Maker talent. It's already subsumed in Knack for It from the CRB.

Savvy Shopper might need a more specific name, or you could generic-size it. Right now, the name doesn't indicate it's reserved for poisons, so why couldn't I take Savvy Shopper (computer equipment) or Savvy Shopper (medical supplies) and get the same benefit for something else? It's basically a situational version of Know Somebody and Master Merchant, but if you're going to limit it like you are it's probably fine. I might be tempted to limit it to once per session to prevent abuse, though.

Potent Poisons Enhanced should be called Potent Poisons (Improved) to adhere to the style of the CRB.

Potable Poisoner seems way too situational to be worth Tier 3, especially since getting your target to ingest the poison is going to be way harder than a contact poison or an inhaled one. Maybe Tier 2?

I'm not following the intent of Extended Poisons.

Master Poison Maker is cool, but I wonder if you should come up with a crafting table for poisons first. This sort of thing is usually wrapped up into the crafting tables in Star Wars. ETA: Indeed, look at the crafting table from the upcoming Terrinoth book. There, you can get a second dose of a poison for a mere 2 Advantage, and that's available to everyone, not just folks with a specific talent.

Potent Poisons (Master) should be called Potent Poisons (Supreme) to adhere to the naming conventions of the CRB.

Don't forget to use the dice font that this GM Binder allows! By that, I mean rather than typing out "setback die," put in the symbol for a black die.

These are just some suggestions. Nice work!

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