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Boba Rick

X-Wing Revitalizing?

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On 19.12.2017 at 1:00 AM, Boba Rick said:

Do you think X-Wing is revitalizing?  In my local area I am seeing new players and some old ones coming back.

Yeah. X-Wing is good and well. In my LGS it is the most popular thing next to MtG nad it sees constant influx of new players.
I think recent patch (great nerfing) healed state of the game a lot. I am living proof of that - about half a year ago I stopped playing, discouraged by meta that didn't set well with me at all (Biggs, Jumpmasters, bombers).
After nerfs there is  so much variety and ways to builds your squadrons that it is really refreshing.

On 19.12.2017 at 1:00 AM, Boba Rick said:

Mynock, Gold, and Kryats have just invented a new tournament format.

I don't care about this unoffical format and I am glad X-Wing is kept as a simple dogfight.
There is nothing exciting or funny with objectives - quite the contrary. The most important thing of X-Wing when I first dive into it was its simplicity when it comes to fundamentals. It is just a dogfighting game where you try to defeat your enemy. It works, it is the most dramatic context for dogfights, it is simple and it easily speaks to new players or people observing tournament games.
When I watched my first streams of X-Wing I didn't even play this game, yet I perfectly knew what this game was about. Simple goals (like in X-Wing) make it great for spectators.

On the contrary when I tried to watch Armada tournament (where objectives are standard format) I was bored out of my mind almost instantly.

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On 12/18/2017 at 6:04 PM, ScummyRebel said:

I don’t know about the community as a whole, but I know I’ve been having a lot of fun flying ships of all kinds. And I’m finding folks to meet up at the FLGS which is cool. 


X-Wing is a totally different experience for me because I don’t really play at my FLGS all that often.  X-Wing for me is Sunday night with my teenage son.  Our meta would make you cry.  ?

But it has the advantage of never having been dominated by the JumpMaster or Palp-mobiles.  T-65’s are still viable.  You can fly whatever you think is fun and have a good chance of winning, because your opponent’s list is just as goofy as yours. 

****, my son came up with the four Auzituck list months ago, because it was a new ship and he lazily decided to just throw it out there instead of putting any thought into it (ships around 25 points are his favorite; four and done).  

He had Chewbacca on one instead of Wookie Commandos on all, so don’t give him too much credit.  This is a kid who routinely uses Hull and Shield Upgrades if he needs to round up to 100 points.

Which makes this board so valuable to me, because there are some mad scientists here cooking up all kinds of crazy **** that would be laughed out of a tournament.  But they stoke all kinds of ideas that work perfectly well at the kitchen table, especially if you’re starring down the barrel of a ridiculously overloaded Boba Fett and three unmodified Jakku Gunrunners.

All this to say that with each new wave and the ideas bandied about here, X_Wing is constantly being revitalized for me.

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Just converted 4 new players a couple of weeks ago, plus one more who wants to play Armada. Seeing my imperial ships flying against each other on 4 different tables at once (in total) filled me with feelings of joy galactic supremacy.

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